myCSUB Staff Guides


As a staff member, you perform tasks, such as scheduling classes, advising students, reconciling your budget, reconciling your ProCard, approving time, reviewing, time, and assisting your deans, chairs, faculty, and students. These links will connect you to instruction that will assist you in performing various tasks. The links are organized by the section and function.


General Information
Creating and Using Favorites JA
Browser Printing Tips (new) JA
Faculty Access to myCSUB JA
Common Navigations in 9.0 PDF
Setting User Defaults PDF
CSU Admissions Inquiry QRG
Assigning the First Advisor JA
Assigning Additional Advisors JA
Class Search - Basic JA
Academic Requirements (Degree Progress) QRG
My Planner JA
Replacing or Removing Advisors JA
Class Scheduling
Cancelling Courses with Enrollments JA
Cancelling Courses with No Enrollments JA
Class Rosters (Staff) JA   
Class Roster Toolkit JA
Combining Sections JA
Class Schedule Audit BPG
Printing Class Rosters JA
Printing Class Schedules JA
Prior Term Copy JA
Administrative Grades JA
WU Grade Last Date Attended JA
Incomplete Grade Extension Date JA
Grading JA
Holds (Service Indicators)
Placing Holds (Negative Service Indicators) JA
Releasing Holds (Negative Service Indicators) JA
Releasing Holds (Negative Service Indicators) Temporarily JA
Releasing Advising Holds 9.0 JA
Registration (Enrollment)
Enrollment Block Group (Add/Drop) JA
Enrollment Block Group (Enroll) JA
Enrollment Request Search JA
Overload of Term Unit Limits JA
Post Enrollment Requirement Checking JA
CSU Milestone Completion JA
CSU Remediation Tracking Report JA
Updating Student Milestones Manually JA
Student Groups
CSU Student Groups QRG
Updating CSU Student Groups JA
Student Standing
Student Standing Codes JA
CSU Student Standing - FAQs JA
Student Records
Granting Credit by Exam JA
Viewing Program and Plan Information JA
CSUB Query Dashboard JA
Move Excel Email list to FirstClass JA
Printing Batch Unofficial Transcripts JA
Unofficial Transcripts (Single) JA
Unofficial Transcript (Multiple) JA
Student Disciplinary Action Transcript Text JA
Absence Management
Quick Reference Guide - Employee QRG
Quick Reference Guide - Timekeeper QRG
Quick Reference Guide - Manager ORG
Report of Employee Schedule Changes Form
Time and Labor
Approving Reported Time QRG
Printing the Reported Time Report
Employee Action Report


ePay - View Paycheck / Compensation History QRG
CFS Data Warehouse
CFS Common Financial Terms PDF
CFS Data Warehouse for General Funds QRG
CFS Data Warehouse for Non-General Funds QRG
Tracking Expenses for Multiple Projects for Non-general Funds JA
Tracking Fund Balances for Non-general Funds JA
Tracking Project Expenses for Non-general Funds JA
Tracking Revenues and Expenses by Fiscal Period for Non-general Funds JA
ProCard Reconciliation Guide QRG
Purchase Order Inquiry JA
Event Management (25Live!)
25L23 Event Requester Guide QRG
25L23 Event Service Provider Guide QRG
25L23 Event Scheduler Guide QRG