About Us

The Robert Noyce Fellowship is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded program designed to help increase the quantity and Quality of Mathematics and Science teachers in the United States. Becoming a Robert Noyce fellow links you to a national network of Noyce fellows, scholars and faculty with a commitment to increasing the Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics capabilities of our population and increasing our Global Competitiveness. For more information on NSF’s Robert Noyce Scholarship and Fellowship programs, please go to

At CSU Bakersfield, our focus is to provide an alternative route to the science teaching credential. Our fellows are candidates in the Credential track of the MS in Science Education, which has been designed specifically to provide prospective science with a Masters degree emphasizing science breadth, depth, and pedagogy along with the credential coursework required by the State of California.

If you already have a degree in Science, then the MS in Science Education and the Fellowship program may be the right place to start