Physics Projects

Dr. Peng Guo

Quantum world on a grid - computer simulation of quantum physics in 1+1 dimension

Computer simulations in physics (computational physics) have become a very useful part of mathematical modeling of many natural systems, such as astrophysics, climatology, biology and nuclear physics. Especially for complex systems that are either too complicated to have a closed-form expression or in a difficult situation to perform a real experiment, computer simulation has been an essential tool in modern physics to explore and gain insights into systems, and estimate the performance of systems. Therefore, computer simulation sometime is also regarded as "computer experiments".

In this project, we will first examine some basics of quantum physics in 1+1 dimension world and the Monte Carlo simulation methods, we will then go over the basic computational tools needed to implement the simulations. At last, we will perform the simulation for some 1+1 dimension quantum physics problems, both analytically solvable and unsolvable, produce numerical results and visualize quantum phenomena on a computer.