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Computer Science Projects

Computer Science Projects

Research in Robotics
Dr. Wei Li

The summer REVS-UP program in robotics will offer high school students an opportunity to conduct robotics research. Robotics is an interdisciplinary subject crossing over computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. This program emphasizes a hands-on approach with close faculty mentoring and develops the students' skills of sensor integration, algorithm design and programming.

Explorations in Network Security and Vulnerability Analysis
Dr. Melissa Danforth

This program focuses on several issues within information assurance and computer security. Basic topics will be discussed and the students will conduct simulations and experiments relating to the topics. This year will focus on incident detection, prevention, and response with topics such as vulnerability scanning, designing networks to minimize attacker movement, intrusion detection/prevention systems, incident response, and pen testing. Key focus will be paid to professional ethics and legal uses of security tools.

Software System Development: Java programming Language, Handheld devices and Database Management System
 Dr. Huaqing Wang

Java is the mostly used programming language among all other languages.  All science and engineering majors are required to study a programming language. Using programming language to solve problems is a basic requirement for college students and it is challenging and interesting tool to know. Handheld devices such as smart phones, iPad and etc. are commonly used in our society. To add more functionalities or applications those devices are exciting.  Now, most handheld devices are either driven Apple OS or Android system. The Android system will be used in your project. Database management system such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL server are used in many companies and are based of many applications. This project study Java, Android, and database management system, and apply the knowledge to design and implement an application.