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Computer Science Projects


Explorations in Network Security and Vulnerability Analysis

Dr. Melissa Danforth

This program focuses on several issues within information assurance and computer security. Basic topics will be discussed and the students will conduct introductory simulations and experiments relating to the topics. This year will focus on digital forensics and incident response, with topics such as investigating computer systems, analyzing disk images, analyzing network data, recovery, and response. Key focus will be paid to professional ethics and legal uses of security tools.


Coding and Decoding of Information in Mobile Communication

Vida Vakilian

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people’s lives throughout the world. Communicating with family, friends and business associates are their common uses and providing a means for emergency contact may be the most important feature of all. Mobile phones are capable of wireless Internet access, sending and receiving emails, photos and files. Mobile phones are also the key elements of the m-health systems that will revolutionize the public healthcare by decreasing the overall medical costs and providing real-time medic. The original feature of a mobile phone is the ability to transmit numbers, symbols, and letters to the telephone companies with the push of a button. Before data transmission, mobile phones perform two critical signal-processing tasks, coding and modulation. Coding is the process of representing the data into a form that is more robust to communication errors. While modulation is the process of conveying a message signal, for example a digital bit stream or an analog audio signal, inside another signal that can be transmitted in high frequencies. Dual Tone Multi-Frequency, or DTMF, is a communication method developed by engineers that allows the telephone company to know what numbers you dial, issue commands to a switching system, or enable the caller to communicate with a computer system using the numbered keypad. The focus of this project is to prototype a Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) decoder for a mobile phone or tone dialer. The DTMF decoder has many applications, including communication, industrial automation and robotics. For example, the DTMF can be used along with a few sensors and a micro-controller to control autonomous navigation of a robot between a start and end point. Using this decoder a mobile phone can also be used to start a car and allow it to autonomously drive itself to a pick up point and vehicles in warehouses to carry goods from one point to another.

Robot control for target tracking and map building

Dr. Wei Li

We will focus on experiments that investigate the quantum nature of matter. We plan to study the wave-particle duality of light and investigate the photoelectric effect. We will make quantitative measurements of such fundamental constants as the speed of light, the electron charge using the Millikan oil drop experiment, and Planck's constant h. We will measure Faraday’s Rotation angle of plane polarized light through a transparent materials, demonstrating the relationship between light and electromagnetism. Finally, we will repeat such important experiments demonstrating Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to study properties of materials, the classic Rutherford experiment, which measures the size of the atomic nucleus, and the Bragg scattering experiment to determine the structure of crystals using our own x-ray machine. Many of these experiments have resulted in the awarding of a Nobel Prize, when they were originally performed.

Design and Implementation of Applications

Dr. Huaqing Wang

Handheld devices with software applications are widely used in many aspects of our daily life. This project emphasizes a hands-on experience in programming languages, application design, algorithms, and implementation of the software. Students will conduct application development research and learn both basic and advanced programming skills, application design, and programming in two different platforms.