Computer Science Projects

Title: Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Home

Do you want to live in an intelligent home? A home where everything works together and can be controlled through your smartphone? What if when you enter your house, lighting comes on, the blinds and curtains go up, the system selects your favorite music or TV channel? What if when you leave your house, the external blinds close, and the heather/air conditioner stops, and all lamps and appliances switch off automatically? Now is the time to make all these wishes to happen. All those systems should function together, cooperate, communicate, to better serve the homeowners. They should increase comfort and security, lead to energy savings and enable any changes and expansion in accordance with the changing needs of the users. These are the objectives of this project. The students first focus on the standard components of an intelligent home like automated lights, temperature, video surveillance, and entertainment that will be interfaced with voice commands and machine learning.  In the next step, they will learn the hardware and software integration of the smart home devices. The students will learn how to design such a home using computer and hardware tools and how they can implemented in real-world environment. Using the designed system, the homeowners will be able to control all smart home devices via a keyboard, a remote control or even their own voices. They can monitor everything via the television screen in any room or via telephone from any given place, anytime, or any part of the world.

Title: Automated Medical Image Analysis

 Medical image analysis is a rapidly growing field that encompasses ideas from computer vision, biology and physics. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is progressively prevalent in treatment planning for diseases such as multiple sclerosis and brain tumors as well as many others. Better treatment planning leads to an increase in remission and survival rates for patients. However, this increase in imaging has led to heavy workloads on radiologist bring about a need for automated image analysis techniques. These techniques can automatically detect problem areas in the images, such as brain tumors, and present an annotated image to the radiologist leading to a fast-consistent analysis. In this month long summer project, students will learn the basics of analyzing MRI images with machine learning approaches. The specific topics we will cover in the program are: 1) the physical/biological meaning behind MRI images, 2) An introduction to image analysis in the MATLAB programming language, and 3) implementing a supervised machine learning approach for automatically detecting lesions in a MRI.