Activity/Research or Extention Projects

Dr. Yiannis Ampatzidis

CSUB/ Engineering

  • Solar Powered and Sensor-Based Automatic Irrigation System.

  • Solar powered and remote controlled lawn mower.

  • Low-Cost Pest Bird Control in Specialty Crops Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

  • Developing an NDIV map for specialty crops using UAVs and multispectral camera.

Dr. Luis Cabrales

CSUB/ Engineering

  •  Research in the area of Cellulose Nanocrystals (CN), biobased materials, renewable polymers and fibers (etc. cotton lint, wood, hemp etc.).

  • Use of alternative water sources for agriculture (brackish well, produced water from oil wells and tile drainage water). For example, students will use reverse osmosis to decrease the salinity of brackish water.

  • Investigate different physical and chemical processes to treat produced water from oil fields in order to use it for agricultural processes

Dr. Balaji Sethuramasamyraja

CSU Fresno/ Industrial Technology

  • Use EM 38 to map soil salinity on farms and correlate EM 38 electrical conductivity reading to soil texture variation.

  • Develop plant health data acquisition systems.

Dr. Salvador Mayoral

CSU Fullerton/ Mechanical Engineering

  • Development of agricultural UAV. The objective will be to design and manufacture UAV systems that perform its mission completely autonomously. The design constraints will reflect those for needed to conduct crop surveys such as a short takeoff length, long endurance, low flight speed, and capable of flying a predetermined path. The motivation for this project will be to develop an agriculture UAV platform that is easily operational from the touch screen of a tablet computer.

Dr. Ashraf El-kereamy

UC Davis/ Extension Center, Bakersfield

  • Evaluation of  a mechanical pruner for grapes

  • Evaluation of a mechanical harvester for grapes

  • Precision irrigation for fruit crops

  • The potential role of precision viticulture in vineyard management

Marcos Perez

USDA, Bakersfield

  • Develop sensors to increase accuracy of surface irrigation system evaluations and perform irrigation system evaluations using new sensors.

  • Research the effects of water temperature in above ground livestock pipeline to determine drinking water temperature threshold for cattle.

  • Collect data by surveying and create HEC-River Analysis Model for flood studies of Caliente Creek in Kern County.

  • Create a hydraulic pipeline model using EPANET and survey data on installed pipelines for 5000 head or greater dairies for better wastewater reuse.