ResNet Frequently Asked Questions




What is ResNet?

ResNet is the name of the network segment on the CSU Bakersfield computer network serving the students in the residential dormitories.  It is a high-speed Ethernet network that allows dorm students to access the web, online courses and CSUB library resources.


How do I use ResNet?

Students living in the dorms simply can use ResNet by connecting their network-capable computer to the data port located in their room.  The computer may need to be restarted.  For further assistance, read the ResNet troubleshooting guide at, or contact the Student Helpdesk at (661) 665-OOPS.


My connection stopped working all of the sudden.  What happened?

First, contact the student helpdesk to check if your network port has been disabled.  They will assist you in remedying the problem that resulted in your network port being disabled.  Ports will be disabled if your computer was infected with a virus and is attempting to infect others.  In addition, if you’re using a P2P application, such as KaZaA, turn the sharing feature off to avoid violating the ResNet Acceptable Use Policy allowing others to access files on your computer.  Read the ResNet Acceptable Use Policy at for more information on violations that may result in your network connection being terminated.


Am I allowed to use a wireless access point in my room to connect my laptop to ResNet?

No.  Wireless access points are prohibited, as are hubs, switches, and port splitters.


I am receiving an error while booting my Windows-based computer stating that my “Computer Name is Already In Use.”

To solve this error, change your computer name to something unique to you by going to the Start Menu -> Control Panels -> Network -> Identification. Once you’ve made this change, restart your computer.


How do I prevent my computer from getting a virus?

There are two things you should do.  One, make sure your computer is running all the latest security patches.  For Windows, go to  Second, make sure you have an anti-virus product installed on your computer.  In addition to installing the product, it’s important that you keep it up-to date.  This can be done by using the “scheduler” feature to download the latest virus definitions at least once a week (daily is preferred).