Fall 2014 Schedules

September 15 - November 21

College of the Canyons


Curriculum & Instruction Online

MSA Online

Summer 2014 Schedules

June 23 - August 4

College of the Canyons -- Meeting times have changed for COMM 306!! Click on the COC schedule link for updated times


Curriculum & Instruction Online

MSA Online

Online Course Enrollment Through Blackboard

Students who have successfully registered for online courses will be required to enroll in Blackboard also. Registered students will have access to online courses in Blackboard sometime during the first week of the quarter. Three scenarios of Blackboard registration are listed below:

Instructor Enrollment: Some instructors register students into courses. Students should check Blackboard during the first three days of the quarter to see if they have been given access.

Self-Enrollment without a Password: Some instructors will require students to self enroll into their course. At the beginning of each quarter, if the course does not show up on the Blackboard dashboard, students should search the catalog and try to self-enroll into the course by logging into Blackboard, clicking on the Course Catalog button, searching the appropriate course and instructor and self-enrolling. If self-enrollment is not allowed by the third day of the quarter, students should contact the Regional Programs office for assistance.

Self-Enrollment with a Password: Some instructors will require students register themselves through Blackboard with a password. If a password is required, students will be sent the information via email. Students who are sent a password are expected to click on the Course Catalog button in Blackboard, search and find the appropriate course and instructor, and use the password provided to add the course.

All graduating students must submit an Application for Graduation (Grad Check)

Fall 2014 Graduation Application Deadline: July 11, 2014

Winter 2015 Graduation Application Deadline: October 3, 2014

If you are within 2.5 quarters of graduating, click here for important information.