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Online Master of Arts in Education: Curriculum & Instruction

This 45 quarter unit online Master of Arts in Education -- Curriculum & Instruction degree is designed to encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and the development of knowledge and skills in educational leadership. The program prepares candidates who are striving for greater professionalism in education by developing reflective and analytical thinking. Such a base of knowledge and skills will support involvement in school reform to improve student learning and the larger community. The program focuses on core concepts of equity, educational technology integration, and the 4 Cs (critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration) to prepare leaders in education.

Additionally, students have the option of earning a Reading Certificate (pending CTC approval) by taking 20 units of Literacy coursework. The courses also count as electives in the program, and students have the option of completing one of more literacy courses for elective requirements without earning the certificate.

The program is geared to credentialed K-12 teachers. A minimum of forty-five (45) quarter units is required for the degree. In addition to core requirements and the culminating activity, students choose from a wide range of electives to add breadth and depth to their program. 

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree from an accredited four-year college or university
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the last 90 units of all coursework.
  • Basic Statistics course completed with a grade of C or better
  • Proof of GWAR completion
  • Valid Teaching Credential
  • Two Reference Forms
  • Technology Survey
  • Completed CSUB Extended University Application
  • One official transcript from each college attended. Digital transcripts are not accepted. Official hard copy transcripts are required.
  • $75 Application Fee

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of a minimum of 45 quarter units of coursework
  • Maintenance of a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better in all coursework. No course with a grade lower than a C will be counted in the program
  • Completion of a Culminating Activity with a grade of B or better


The MA in Education -- Curriculum & Instruction program is composed of 20 quarter units of required core courses, 20 quarter units of electives, and a 5 unit Culminating Activity. Master's programs require currency of coursework; no courses over seven years old will be counted toward completion of a graduate degree.

Core Courses (20 quarter units)

EDCI 695 Research Methods for Educational Leaders (5)
EDCI 588 Social Justice & Teaching for Equity (5)
EDCI 548 Educational Leadership (5)
EDCI 530 Curriculum Development and Transformation (5)

Culminating Activity (Choose one)

EDCI 690 Master's Thesis in Education (5)
EDCI 691 Master's Project in Education (5)
EDCI 692 Master's Examination in Education (5)

Elective Courses

Elective coursework can be comprised of a combination of Literacy, Advanced Topics, approved Credential courses, and approved BTSA/FACT courses

Reading Certificate (pending CTC Approval) 

Students in the C&I program have the option of earning a Reading Certificate by taking the entire 20 units of Literacy elective courses. These courses also count as electives in the program, and students have the option of completing one or more literacy courses for elective requirements without earning the certificate.

EDLT 501 Foundations of Creating a Culture of Literacy in Diverse Settings (5)
EDLT 502 Research-Based Writing Strat, Assess, & Intervention (5)
EDLT 503 Planning, Organizing, & Differentiating Literacy Instr & Assess (5)
EDLT 504 Research-Based Comprehension Strat, Assess, & Intervention (5)

Advanced Topics in Education

EDCI 577 Advanced Topics in Education (5 units) explores a variety of selected topics at an advanced level. Topics such as Educational Technology, Common Core, and English Language Acquisition are examples of such topics. Students may
take up to 20 units of Advanced Topics courses for different course content. 

Credential Coursework

Up to 20 quarter units of select CSUB multiple or single subject credential coursework or up to 13 units of approved multiple or single subject credential coursework from another institution may be applied toward program completion.

BTSA/FACT Coursework

Up to 8 BTSA/FACT units may be applied as electives toward program completion. Students must register for CSUB courses listed below:

EDCI 604 Special Topics: FACT Year 1 (4 units)
EDCI 604 Special Topics: FACT Year 2 (4 units)