Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at COC

Sociology is the study of social action and social order, and the human relationships, enduring institutions, and dynamic processes that keep those fundamental forces in continuing tension. Sociology is, therefore, an encompassing social science, with formal study ranging from the study of parenting, peer groups and deviant behavior (termed micro-sociology) on the one hand, to world systems, nation-states, and large human population groups at the other end of the continuum (termed macro-sociology). Course work offered at in the CSUB Sociology program offered at COC mirrors this sociological spectrum, and students graduate into careers reflecting this diversity. 

The research specialties of the faculty offer further depth to department offerings, and students who complete the program are highly skilled social science analysts that have the skills they need to track, manipulate and manage change in all spheres of social activity.  Sociology graduates have pursued careers in the fields of human services, marketing, government, the justice system, education, personnel--indeed, in a wide variety of positions focusing on human relationships, social problems, social change, and race and ethnic relations. Examples of specific career positions held include social worker, probation officer, group home supervisor, substance abuse prevention specialist, management analyst, college professor, rehabilitation counselor, attorney, hospital personnel officer, and numerous others.

Admission Requirements

  • 60 transferable units from an accredited college
  • Area A and B4 of general education requirements completed (it is advised that all lower division general education be completed prior to admission to ensure timely program completion)
  • 2.0 GPA in all college coursework
  • Completed CSUB Extended University Undergraduate application
  • One official transcript from each college attended. Digital transcripts are not accepted. Hard copy transcripts are required.
  • $75 application fee

Degree Requirements

Lower Division General Education
Students complete the equivalent of 2 years of lower division coursework at a community college prior to applying for admission to CSUB.  Transfer courses will include all lower division general education requirements.  Sixty transferable semester units or ninety quarter units are required for admission to CSUB. 

The Sociology department provides a diversified major and satisfies all of the following requirements:  General Education, American Institutions, Upper Division Writing Competency, and Gender/Racy/Ethnicity Studies

Lower Division Major Coursework
SOCI 101  Introduction to Sociology (COC)
SOCI 135  Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences (COC) or
MATH 140  Introductory Statistics (COC)

Upper Division Major Coursework
SOC 300  Introduction to Research Methods   
SOC 452  Techniques of Demographic Analysis
SOC 301  Classical Sociological Theory
SOC 302  Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOC 327  Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 440  Quantitative Analysis
SOC 352  Sex, the Life Course, and Human Population
SOC 450  Globalization and Social Change
SOC 312  Social Psychology
SOC 490  Senior Seminar in Sociology

Upper Division General Education
Theme 1:  Natural Sciences and Technology
Theme 2:  Arts and Humanities
Theme 3:  Social and Behavioral Sciences
Gender, Race, and Ethnicity 

Minor Requirement
Students will complete a minor in Communications, English Literature, or Children's Literature through CSUB at COC. The minor is comprised of four courses from the Communications, English Literature, or Children's Literature offerings.