Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

The Public Administration Program is looking for a cohort of students to begin taking classes in Fall 2015

Academic excellence and diversity, high quality student experiences, and community engagement is the mission of this Bachelor of Arts program in Public Administration. The program prepares undergraduate students for administrative and managerial careers in government, nonprofit, health care, and volunteer organizations, as well as to upgrade the knowledge and skills of professional personnel already in such organizations. In addition, the program builds informed, active and responsible citizenship. The purpose of the PPA program is to prepare competent, ethical and effective public, nonprofit, and health care managers and leaders to advance the public service.

Admission Requirements

  • 60 transferable units from an accredited college
  • Area A and B4 of general education requirements completed (it is advised that all lower division general education be completed prior to admission to ensure timely program completion)
  • 2.0 GPA in all college coursework
  • Completed CSUB Extended University Undergraduate application
  • One official transcript from each college attended. Digital transcripts are not accepted. Hard copy transcripts are required.
  • $75 application fee

Degree Requirements

Lower Division General Education
Students complete the equivalent of 2 years of lower division coursework at a community college prior to applying for admission to CSUB. Transfer courses will include all lower division general education requirements. Sixty transferable semester units or ninety quarter units are required for admission to CSUB. 

The Public Policy & Administration department provides a diversified major and satisfies all of the following requirements: General Education, American Institutions, Upper Division Writing Competency, and Gender/Race/Ethnicity studies. 

Lower Division Major Coursework
BUS 201  Principles of Accounting (COC)
ECON 201  Macroeconomics (COC)
POLISCI 150 Introduction to American Government and Politics (COC)
PPA 275  American Government and Public Administration (CSUB) 

Upper Division Core Coursework
PPA 300  Public Management and Leadership 
PPA 320  Information and Data Management in Public Administration
PPA 340  Policy Networks
PPA 401  Analytical Methods in Administration
PPA 476  Public Human Resource Administration
PPA 478  Budgeting in Public Organizations
PPA 490  Senior Seminar in Public Administration

Upper Division Electives (choose four)
PPA 325  Administrative Law
PPA 350  Nonprofit Management
PPA 419  Aging Services Administration
PPA 450  Contract Management
PPA 475  Emergency Management
PPA 479  Urban Planning

Upper Division General Education
Theme 1: Natural Sciences and Technology
Theme 2: Arts and Humanities
Theme 3: Social and Behavioral Sciences
Gender, Race, and Ethnicity