Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies Program has been placed on Admission Moratorium. We will no longer accept applications into the program. Courses for the major will be offered one additional time to allow current students to complete the program. Contact the Regional Programs office for more information.

Liberal Studies offers a broad-based, interdisciplinary major for students interested in careers in elementary school teaching or in fields unserved by traditional departmental majors. The credential track Liberal Studies degree is the approved major for entrance into the Preliminary Credential Program and is designed to provide the educational experience best suited for the prospective elementary teacher.

Major Requirements

Students will complete the requirements within each of the following areas. A course used to satisfy one requirement cannot be used to satisfy a second requirement in a different area or be counted as part of the Upper Division Concentration.

The Credential Track Liberal Studies degree has been accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and the entire upper and lower division program, including transfer coursework, satisfies the following University graduation requirements:

  • General Education
  • Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)
  • Gender, Race, & Ethnic Studies
  • American Institutions

The Credential Track Liberal Studies degree includes appropriate introductory courses in culture, minority culture, foreign language, and bilingual education, as well as providing strong foundation in Art, Mathematics, Science, and Linguistics:

  • Area One: Language
  • Area Two: Mathematics
  • Area Three: Sciences
  • Area Four: Social Sciences
  • Area Five: Humanities
  • Area Six: Visual and Performing Arts
  • Area Seven: Health & Physical Education
  • Area Eight: Human Development
  • Area Nine: Ethnic, Gender, Cultural, and Handicapped Perspectives
  • Area Ten: Technology
  • Area Eleven: Cross-Cultural Studies
  • Area Twelve: Field Experience
  • Area Thirteen: Concentration:  The Liberal Studies Concentration provides students with an educational depth in a specified subject area and requires the completion of four related courses.

The Liberal Studies program is subject to change based upon direction from the CCTC.
Contact Regional Programs for additional information