Regional Programs at College of the Canyons

Regional Programs offers several Bachelor's degrees on the beautiful College of the Canyons (COC) campus located in the Santa Clarita Valley! Classes are a mixture of face-to-face and online, with all face-to-face classes offered at the University Center on the COC campus. Students are taught by CSU Bakersfield instructors, and graduating students receive their degrees from CSU Bakersfield. Transcripts and diploma will not designate Extension, Distance Learning, or Extended University. Students who receive a degree through Regional Programs never have to come to the Bakersfield campus. However, students who wish to participate in the CSU Bakersfield commencement ceremonies are encouraged to do so.

All programs offered have been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

COC Program Offerings

Liberal Studies The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies provides an educational experience suited for prospective elementary school teachers and those who have careers that require a broad understanding of varied academic disciplines. Students take courses in several areas of the Arts and Sciences while developing an in-depth understanding in a specific subject area.

Communications: The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications provides coursework to prepare students for careers as communications professionals. The curriculum stresses knowledge of communications processes, an expected proficiency in writing and practice, awareness of professional responsibilities, knowledge of ethical practices, and acquaintance with laws governing the use of mass media.

English:  The Bachelor of Arts degree in English offers an emphasis in Language and Literature. The program provides an educational experience which leads to an understanding and appreciation of British, American, and other literatures in English. Moreover, students receive instruction in the English language: its aesthetic and functional properties, its uses, and the methods by which impressions and ideas are articulated and communicated.

Sociology:  The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology emphasizes the systematic study of human behavior in social groups.  It focuses on how people coordinate their activities to achieve both individual and collective goals. Sociology places primary importance on the social group with the larger society and seeks to explain the broad range of human behavior as it is influenced by the social context. Thus, Sociology studies the major issues of our times and seeks to understand their complexity and predict their future. It investigates how patterns of social activity originate, what sustains them, why they take one form rather than another, and how they change.

Public Administration: Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration program engage learning experiences to develop new skills and expertise that prepare them for positions with government agencies at all levels; nonprofit organizations; hospitals, health, and health care agencies; and private organizations with significant government interactions.