Bachelor of Arts in English at COC

Language & Literature Emphasis

The BA in English emphasizes in-depth study of the nature of the English language, the British, American, and other literary traditions, creative writing, and critical approaches to literature. The program offers both breadth and flexibility in preparation for myriad career opportunities.

Students complete the equivalent of 2 years of lower division coursework at a community college prior to applying for admission to CSUB.  Transfer courses will include all lower division general education requirements.  Sixty transferable semester or ninety quarter units are required for admission to CSUB. It is highly recommended that all lower division general education requirements be completed prior to admission to the program to ensure timely completion of the degree requirements.

The English Department provides a diversified major and satisfies all of the following requirements:  English major requirements, American Institutions, Upper Division Writing Competency (GWAR) and Gender/Race/Ethnicity Studies. Students will complete a combination of face to face and online courses throughout the program.

Admission Requirements

  • 60 transferable units from an accredited college
  • Area A and B4 of general education requirements completed (it is advised that all lower division general education be completed prior to admission to ensure timely program completion)
  • 2.0 GPA in all college coursework
  • Completed CSUB Extended University Undergraduate application
  • One official transcript from each college attended. Digital transcripts are not accepted. Hard copy transcripts are required.
  • $75 application fee

Major Requirements

Lower Division General Education
All lower division General Education coursework will be completed at an accredited college prior to entry into the English program. Students should request a CSU General Education Certification when requesting transcripts.

2 years of High School foreign language or 1 semester of College level foreign language is required for graduation.  CSUB will not deliver foreign language classes.  If the requirement was not met in High School, students will fulfill the requirement at an institution such as COC.

Lower Division Major Coursework 
ENGL 101  English Composition & Literature (to be completed at COC)
ENGL 205, 207, 208, 290, 294, or 295 (to be completed at CSUB)
ENGL 200  The English Major (to be completed through CSUB)

Upper Division Major Coursework

Upper Division Core 
ENGL 300  Critical Approaches to Literature
ENGL 311  Writing Literary Analysis (fulfills GWAR requirement)

Language (choose 1 of the following 2 courses)
ENGL 319  Structure of English or
ENGL 414  History of the English Language

Major Writers (choose 1 of the following 2 courses)
ENGL 335  Shakespeare I or
ENGL 325  Chaucer

Literary Periods (choose 2 of the following 3 courses)
ENGL 320  Medieval English Literature: 450-1500 or
ENGL 330  Renaissance English Literature: 1500-1660 or
ENGL 340  Restoration & Eighteenth Century English Literature

Literary Periods (choose 2 courses from the 3 categories below, one of which must be ENGL 380, 381, or 382)
a.  ENGL 350  Romantic English Literature: 1785-1837 or
     ENGL 380  Major American Authors: Beginnings to the Civil War or
b.  ENGL 351 Victorian English Literature: 1837-1901 or
     ENGL 381 Major American Authors: The Late 19th Century 
c.  ENGL 360  Modern English Literature; 1901-1945 or
     ENGL 361  Contemporary English Literature: 1945 to the present or
     ENGL 382  Major American Authors: Twentieth Century to the Present  

Upper Division General Education 
Theme 1: Natural Sciences and Technology
Theme 2: Arts and Humanities
Theme 3: Social and Behavioral Sciences
Gender, Race, & Ethnicity

Culminating Activity
ENGL 490  Senior Seminar

Area of Specialization - Children's Literature 
ENGL 470  Studies in Nineteenth Century Children's Literature
ENGL 471  Studies in Twentieth Century Children's Lit
ENGL 472  Young Adult Novel
ENGL 473  Children's Literature & International Myth, Folk Tale, and Film

Minor Requirement 
Communications or Sociology