Bachelor of Arts in Communications at COC

A Communications degree provides undergraduates with a distinct working knowledge of Communication theories and hands-on training in selected studies in  Public Relations and Journalism

The Bachelor of Arts in Communications presents a combination of theoretical knowledge and analytical skill oriented to the recognition and solution of communication problems as they occur in their various forms and within diverse contexts and media; students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in related activity and production courses as well as internships; they may concentrate their study in either Public Relations or Journalism. The general emphasis is upon breadth and flexibility in preparation for a diversity of career opportunities.

Students are expected to have completed the equivalent of 2 years of college coursework prior to applying for admission. Transfer courses will include all lower division general education requirements, and students are advised to have all general education coursework certified. It is recommended that all lower division general education requirements be completed prior to admission to ensure timely completion of the program.

Students will complete a combination of face to face and online courses throughout the program.

Admission Requirements

  • 60 transferable units from an accredited college
  • Area A and B4 of general education requirements completed (it is advised that all lower division general education be completed prior to admission to ensure timely program completion)
  • 2.0 GPA in all college coursework
  • Completed CSUB Extended University Undergraduate application
  • One official transcript from each college attended. Digital transcripts are not accepted. Hard copy transcripts are required.
  • $75 application fee

Major Requirements

Lower Division General Education
All lower division General Education coursework will be completed at an accredited college prior to entry into the Communications program. Students should request a CSU General Education Certification when requesting transcripts.

2 years of High School foreign language or 1 semester of College level foreign language is required for graduation.  CSUB will not deliver foreign language classes.  If the requirement was not met in High School, students will fulfill the requirement at an institution such as COC.

 Lower Division Major Coursework
 COMM 200: Communications Major and Career Planning (to be taken at CSUB)
 COMS 250 or MEA 100 (to be taken at COC)

 Upper Division Major Coursework 
 COMM 304: Technical and Report Writing
 COMM 309: Theories of Communication
 COMM 315: Mass Media Law
 COMM 490: Senior Seminar

 Completion of an Area of Emphasis
 (Choose between Public Relations and Journalism)

 Public Relations
 COMM 206: Issues and Practices in Journalism
 COMM 305: Public Relations
 COMM 350: Public Relations Strategies and Tactics
 COMM 432: Case Studies in Public Relations 

 COMM 206: Issues and Practices in Journalism
 COMM 306: Journalism & Report Writing
 COMM 311: Feature Writing
 COMM 404: Public Affairs Reporting

 Communications Studies Courses (10 units)
 COMM 360: Gender and Communication
 COMM 370: Intercultural Communication
 COMM 376: Interpersonal Communication
 COMM 378: Film Aesthetics and Criticism
 COMM 407: Mass Media & Society
 COMM 460: History of Film
 Elective Courses 
 Two courses from the departmental offerings

 Upper Division General Education 
Theme 1: Natural Sciences and Technology
 Theme 2: Arts and Humanities
 Theme 3: Social and Behavioral Sciences
 Gender Race, & Ethnicity

 Minor Requirement 
 English Literature, Children’s Literature, or Sociology