Ride a bike to it!

Runner Ride is a bike share program that is available to all CSUB students and employees with a valid CSUB ID. Runner Ride is free of charge! Just bring your ID into the SRC and check out a bike for the day, be sure to return it according to our policies. Helmet, u-lock, cable and lock key are included in rental. Check it out today!

Join us on the first day of Fall 2017! Monday, August 28th at 9am.

Meet us at the bike patio, located next to the SRC, for a quick tour of the bike path's route to Riverwalk.
Stick around to get your personal bikes registered by UPD and receive a free U-lock! The SRC Runner Ride staff will also provide you a free safety check-up on your bike, to give you a jumpstart to the semester.

What is a bike share program?

A bike share is a transportation program in which bikes are made available to users on a  short term basis. A bike share program is ideal for short distance trips around CSUB and the community.

Who can use Runner Ride?

Runner Ride is open to all CSUB students and employees with a valid CSUB University ID and in good standing with the University.

How can I check out a bike?

  • Go to the Member Services desk.
  • Sign the User Agreement and CSUB Student Recreation Center Waiver form.
  • Unlock, perform pre-ride check, and start biking!

When do I need to return bikes and equipment?

Check in and return times vary depending on the day of the week. See table below: 

Check out  Return by
Monday - Thursday  6 AM - 8 PM  10 PM 
Friday 6 AM - 8 PM 9 PM
Saturday  9 AM - 4 PM  5 PM 
Sunday  4 PM - 8 PM 10 PM 

What kind of bikes will I be riding?

Runner Ride will be comprised of 30 single speed, cruiser bikes.

What equipment is included?

The use of a Runner Ride bike includes an optional helmet, u-lock, cable and lock key. You can use your own helmet if you wish to.

What happens if a bike is not returned or extremely damaged upon return?

Users will incur a $10 late fee per day for unreturned equipment. Users will be charged for extremely damaged parts and labor accordingly:

Items Parts Labor
Bottom Bracket $10.50 $15.50
Handlebars $19.00 $0
Basket $18.00 $10.00
Wheel $48.00 $10.00
Wheel True $0 $16.00
Lights $25 $0

How do I check in a bike?

  • Lock up your bike at the designated Runner Ride bike rack.
  • Return helmet and key to Member Services desk.
  • Report any issues with the bike and go on your way!

What if my bike and/or key gets lost or stolen?

Immediately call and report a lost or stolen bike and/or key to the SRC (661) 654-4386 and to University Police (661) 654-2677

RR Launch Ceremony

Fall 2017 Group Rides

Join the SRC Runner Ride staff in our new group rides around campus! Bring your own bike, or check out a bike from the SRC for free and become a part of the campus biking community. 

Friday, October 6th at 9:00am 

Friday, November 17th 9:00am