Welcome to The Rock! Whether you want to try something new, compete against your friends or other students, test your strength and endurance, use a different workout method, or develop your climbing skills, coming to The Rock should be on your CSUB Bucket list.

Have you ever looked at a climbing wall and thought what it would be like to climb it? The Rock will provide you with that opportunity! Anyone can come to climb during our open hours.

Are competitions and challenges more for you? We offer competitions and programs throughout each semester that will provide a fun experience with your friends, and you could win a variety of prizes; such as jackets, gift cards, climbing gear, stickers, and much more.

Are you looking to develop your climbing knowledge and skills? The Rock offers Belay and Lead clinics that will help teach you more advanced skills in climbing, and allow you to practice those skills at the Rock.

Do you come to the SRC to work out, and don’t think climbing is a workout? Come spend some time with the Rock staff and experience the full body workout you get from climbing.

Our friendly and professional staff make our gym the perfect place for anyone from first timers just looking to have fun to more experienced climbers looking to push their limits. No experience is needed, so come join the Rock Community to try something new, develop your skill, or experience an alternative full body workout.

All climbing gear needed including shoes, harness, and belay devices are available for use free-of-charge.

Climbing Experience

Indoor rock climbing is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. Rock climbing is an incredible experience that develops a stronger mind and body. Climbing can help with overcoming fear, building strength, and developing agility while allowing friendships to be built while spending time with other climbers. There are a lot of reasons to get involved, but to truly understand just how fun climbing can be, you have to try it out yourself. So grab a friend, and come on in- whether you are a beginner or an expert, The Rock has what you are looking for.


The Rock has over 3,400 ft.² of textured climbing terrain including our tower is a 32 ft.-35 ft. high free-standing climbing wall with 7 ropes and 2 auto belays, and includes a climbable arch and an overhang structure. The Rock also features three 13 ft. high double-sided textured bouldering structures with 98 ft. of perimeter space with a built in arch.

What is Bouldering? 

Bouldering has become a popular style of climbing due to less equipment required than other forms of climbing. Since bouldering is done low to the ground, the only thing needed is a crash pad to land on and a pair of shoes and you're set. Although this style of climbing can be done alone, it has become more of a socially interactive activity due to the amount of people that gather around to watch and encourage each other. Bouldering has become a sport of its own with competitions being held worldwide. It not only allows you to build climbing technique and strength, but it will also help you improve your skills when it comes to top rope climbing.


The Rock offers two free clinic series throughout the year, Belay Clinics and Lead Clinics, designed to help you learn and develop skills in climbing. Clinics are kept small to allow for more of a one-on-one learning experience with our instructors. Signing up is easy, just stop by the Front Desk (The Rock Desk if we have Fusion on Wi-Fi), and ask to register for the Clinic you are looking for. 

Belaying is the act of controlling a climbers rope to keep them safe while climbing. Learning how to belay safely is one of the most important skills you can learn when it comes to climbing. The Belay Clinics will teach you the steps and belay method required to belay in our facility. The Clinics and Tests are at the beginning and ends of the week to give you time to come in and practice the skills in between to check off to Belay.*

Lead Climbing involves advanced climbing skills, including the climber clipping into anchors as they climb up the wall and a different belay method for lead climbing. This clinic has prerequisite skills that must be demonstrated in order to be eligible to take the clinic. The Lead Clinics will teach you the steps and methods required to Lead belay and Lead climb in our facility. You must be belay checked off, and able to climb at a difficulty of 5.9 on top rope. The Clinic and Tests are two weeks apart to give you time to practice the skills and fulfill requirements to become checked off to Lead and Lead Belay.*

*Attending the Clinic and Test does not guarantee the ability to perform these skills in the facility until the skills are demonstrated properly. Each skill must be renewed every year.

Clinics Dates Time
Belay Class 9/5, 9/26, 10/18, 11/9 9-10am
Belay Test 9/11, 10/3, 10/25, 11/16 9-9:30am
Lead Class 9/13, 10/12, 11/13 9-11am
Lead Test  9/27, 10/26, 11/27 9-9:30am

Open Quote
It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. Close Quote
Sir Edmund Hillary

Women Rock! Every other Wednesday 6pm-10pm

For more information about the rock, please contact:

Marshall McArthur
Coordinator - Outdoor Adventures and Experiential Education
Phone: (661) 654-2709
Email : outdooradventures@csub.edu 

Michael Davalos
Student Manager - Outdoor Adventures (Rock) 
Phone: (661) 654-2733
Email :

Fall 2017 Hours Open Close
Mon-Thurs  11 AM 8 PM
Friday  11 PM 7 PM

Rent The Rock

The Rock is available for groups to rent. To see how you can reserve the rock please check out the process.