Women Rock! Every other Wednesday 5pm-8pm

January 24th - Intro to the Rock Wall

During this event, our Rock Staff will help participants learn all the basics they need to know to get them started climbing. This includes our policies, how to check items in and out, and all the different programs and events we offer throughout the semester. 

February 7th - Climbing Basics

Participants will learn how to correctly put on a harness, basic climbing terms and vocabulary, as well as the differences between the tower and the boulder.

February 21st - Mastering the Tower

This event will teach participants everything they will need to know about indoor rock climbing. This will include understanding the route grading system, differences between roped climbing and auto belays,as well as how to properly tie in using a figure eight follow through knot. 

March 7th - Mastering the Boulder

This event will teach participants everything they will need to know about indoor bouldering. This will include understanding the differences between bouldering and roped climbing, going over the bouldering grading system, as well as how to properly top out on the bouldering structure.

March 21st - Useful Knots to Know

Knowing how to tie different knots can be very useful in many situations. During this event, participants will learn how to tie a variety of basic knots and when to use them. 

April 4th - Technique and Movement Night

In order to climb efficiently, participants must understand the basics of climbing technique. During this night, staff will coach participants through a variety of problems or routes teaching them new techniques to help them move through the climb easier and more fluid.

April 18th - Learning to Belay

Learning new skills is a great way to improve ones climbing skills and learning to belay is important. Participants will learn the skills needed to belay in our facility by one of our instructors. 

May 2nd - Advanced Technique and Movement Night

Basic climbing techniques can only take you so far. This event will add more advanced climbing skills needed in slightly more advanced problems such as heel hooks, and hand to foot matches.