The Alta Project

Take part in the Alta Project, a tenacious group of Roadrunners with one goal, to reach new heights, both personally and on the wall. Eleven landmarks of increasing height have been chosen to challenge and reward those willing to put in the work! This ongoing project is something you can work towards as long as you’re a student at CSUB.

  • All climbers who are participating must sign into the Alta Project sign in every time they do laps
  • A rock staff member must record the participant's climb in order for the distance to be added to their total.
  • The distance is measured per lap completed on the tower with partial laps not counting. Every line is 30ft except for he over hang which counts as 35 ft.
  • At the end of each month, total heights will be calculated and prizes will be given out if certain heights are reached.
  • Laps will only be recorded during open hours and exclude ALL competition days.
Clubs and Rewards
  • All climbers participating in the Alta Project will be designated a club depending on their distance climbed. All climbers are automatically placed in the Aspiring Climbers Club.
  • Each time a participant reaches a milestone height, they will be placed into the next club. For example, when a climber reaches the height of Mt. Whitney, they will be in "Club Whitney" until they reach the next milestone.
  • When certain mountains are reached, participants will earn prizes as a reward for their hard work.

Mountain Heights

Mountain Name Location Elevation
Driskill Bienville Parish, Louisiana 535 ft.
Loma Prieta Peak Santa Cruz, California 3,786 ft.
Mile High Club N/A 5,280 ft.
Half Dome Yosemite National Park, California 8,839 ft.
Mt. Whitney Sequoia National Park, California 14,505 ft.
Denali Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska 20,310 ft.
Chomulungma (AKA Mt. Everest) Solukhumbu District, Nepal  29,029 ft.
Maxwell Montes Planet: Venus 36,000 ft.
Pavonis Mons Planet: Mars 45,932 ft.
Ascraeus Mons Planet: Mars 59,383 ft.
Olympus Mons Planet: Mars 69,459 ft.


Top 3 Men Heights Spring 2017
1.       Aaron Wan (13,985 ft.)
2.       Sam Khan (13,230 ft.)
3.       Mitchell Woodbury (2,555 ft.)
Top 3 Women Heights Spring 2017
1.       Erica Pena (2,040 ft.)
2.       Pheobe Hernandez (1,455 ft.)
3.       Laura Castro (630 ft.) & Sukhment Chauhan (630 ft.)