The Rock offers many different programs throughout the semester including the Alta Project, Women Rock, and Belay and Lead clinics that will help teach you more advanced skills in climbing, and allow you to practice those skills at the Rock.

Competitions are held at the Rock once a month. Everyone is encouraged to compete regardless of skill level. For each competition you could win a variety of prizes; such as jackets, gift cards, climbing gear, stickers, and much more. The competitions have included Crate Stacking, Speed Climbing, Dyno, Bouldering, and more. 

Partner Climb | February 13th (11am-8pm)
It's all about the teamwork! In order to compete these boulder problems a partner is required. Each team will have to utilize their partner in different ways for the two of them to reach the final hold. Everyone that participates will be put into a raffle to win prizes from our sponsors. So, bring a friend, or meet one at the rock wall, and see how many problems the two of you can complete.
Blind Speed Climbing Competition | March 15th (11am-8pm)
Test you climbing skills in the dark and see how you do! Participants will be blind folded and will have to make it up our climbing wall as fast as they can. Everyone that participates will be put into a raffle to win some prizes and the top three competitors in both the men’s and women’s division will earn prizes from our sponsors.
Crate Stacking Competition | April 16th (11am-8pm)
Stop by the rock wall and test your crate stacking skills! Competitors will stack as many milk crates on top of each other to see who can get highest without falling over. Everyone that participates will be put into a raffle to win some prizes and the top three competitors in both the men’s and women’s division will earn prizes from our sponsors.

CSUB Climbing Series | Registration Deadline February 20th
The CSUB Climbing Series is an ongoing event that will be held throughout the semester. A different challenge will be offered each month in the semester in which climbers will be able to rack up points to win prizes from Adidas Terrex. Competitors must register at either the Rock Wall prior to the deadline (February 20th) or compete in the first challenge if they wish to participate and have a chance to win prizes.
A sport climbing challenge will be held on February 20th, a bouldering challenge will be held on March 20th, and the Climbing Series Finale will be held on April 24th and will consist of both sport routes and bouldering problems. The top three overall men and women winners of the climbing series will earn prizes from Adidas Terrex. There will be a raffle in which everyone that participated for all tree challenges will have a chance to win cool gear from our sponsor.

Tower Competition | Tuesday, February 20th | (11am - 8pm)

Bring your friends to the Rock and try out the routes on the tower. Work together to help your team make it to the top. There will be climbs for all levels so don't be shy and work together! Competition last from 11 - 8! And don't forget, you'll get some rad stuff from Adidas!

Bouldering Competition | Tuesday, March 20th | (11am - 8pm)

In bouldering competitions, the aim is to master five to six short boulder problems ranging from V0 up to V8 with as few attempts as possible. Each problem will range in points with the harder problems being worth more points. If competitors complete the problem on their first attempt they will earn the maximum amount of points. Each time the participant falls, they will lose a portion of the potential points they could of earn. We will be having both a men’s and women’s beginner and intermediate division. We will also be having a raffle in which all participants that compete at three of the problems in their division can be placed in to win smaller prizes. Competitors will have two and a half hours to earn as many points as they can with all prizes being announced the following day. 

Finale Competition | Tuesday, April 24th | (11am-8pm) 

It's the time of the semester to finish strong, so come out one last time and work on BOTH the boulder and tower climbs! You've made it this far so, come together one last time at the CSUB Climbing Series Finale. And yes, Adidas will be there again!