Your safety is our top concern!

At the SRC, all staff members are First Aid, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and CPR certified by the American Red Cross. Three of the SRC's full-time coordinators are also certified to teach First Aid, AED, and CPR training.

During the SRC's operation hours, our Recreation Assistants walk around the facility hourly to verify how many participants are in the building; In case of an emergency, this allows our RA's to be aware of where participants are in the facility.

All staff members are well-equipped to utilize any one of the 5 AEDs located throughout the facility. If there is an outside emergency, one of the AEDs is mobile, to accommodate any type of activity offered by the SRC.  

The SRC has restricted access and prior to gaining access to the facility visitors must verify their identity using their CSUB ID at our front desk. Our facility is equipped with a camera security system that assists in ensuring that the SRC is safe.

The SRC also has 32 fire extinguishers, that are always maintained to ensure proper use in case of fire.

During the SRC operating hours, Student Managers on Duty (MOD’s) walk around and observe, this allows MOD’s to be aware of where participants are in the facility.

Upper Level

Lower Level