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Am I able to use the Student Recreation Center?

For Students: Yes, any student enrolled in courses at CSUB has already paid fees in their tuition for SRC membership. Therefore, while at CSUB, you have an All Access Membership.

For Faculty, Staff, Emeriti Faculty & Staff, Alumni, IELC, and Extended University/Affiliates: Yes, but you must pay a membership fee each month to be able to have access to the SRC.

For Guests: Yes, but you must be sponsored by a member who has a valid membership, and you must also pay a fee every time you access the SRC with your sponsored member.

Do I have to pay for classes/personal training?

No, all GroupX classes are free. However, to obtain PEAK credit, you must be enrolled in the class through the University. You can still attend PEAK classes though, even if you are not enrolled in the PEAK class. Personal training is free for all students and All Access Memberships. Any other membership type does not have access to the Personal Trainers.

Can I bring a guest for a day and how much does it cost?

Yes, $5, if you are sponsored by a student or IELC membership.

Yes, $7, if you are sponsored by any other type of membership.

Guests cannot sponsor other guests.

I am a student, can I use the SRC over the Summer?

You can if you are enrolled in Summer classes. If not, you can resume using the SRC in the Fall when your classes begin, or purchase a membership during the Summer months.

Is the SRC open during Spring Break?

The hours are limited, but yes.

Do you have a lost and found?

The SRC is not responsible for lost or stolen articles, but will keep very valuable items in a stored location and forward other items to the Lost and Found at UPD.

Do you have to sign up for Group X?

No, you can just show up at any class anytime during the quarter. But, to receive college credit for the class, you must sign up on

Are there Group X classes during the Break?

Yes, but they are limited.

Is there a dress-code?

Proper workout attire. Please do not wear sandals or jeans.

If I need a day locker, do I have to pay for it?

No, day lockers are free. However, you must bring your own lock or purchase a lock for $5 at the front desk.

Is there a Pool?

Yes, but it is not affiliated with the SRC. Athletics owns the Pool, and SRC members may access it during free swim at 10AM to 1PM.

Are there Tennis Courts?

Yes, but accessible hours are limited.

Are there weight scales?

Yes, they are in the locker room, in the changing areas, in both the Women and Men's locker rooms.

Can I reserve a room?

Yes, but you must do it in advance. You must reserve the room 4-5 days before the event.

What happens if I forget my ID?

You can utilize your driver's license or passport as identification instead. If you do not have these or your CSUB ID, we cannot allow you to access the facility.

Who do I ask to change the radio or television station?

Ask any of the Fit Floor Supervisors working at the television tower. They will be glad to change it for you.

What is the square footage of the Student Recreation Center?

75,000 sq. ft.