SRC Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Student Recreation Center Advisory Committee, referred hereafter as the SRC Advisory Committee, shall be to advise, through review, comment, and vote, the University President and Vice-President for Student Affairs via the Student Recreation Center Director regarding facilities, programs, and services of the Student Recreation Center.

The establishment of the SRC Advisory Committee shall not diminish and/or replace the executive authority of the University President, established by Title V, to make direct management decisions regarding the operation of Student Body Fee funded programs and facilities. The SRC Advisory Committee is designated to assist the University President and Student Recreation Center Director in maintaining the integrity of the Student Body Fee by honoring the applicable governing agreements.

Advisory Committee Members

Julian Lawson - Student at large
VACANT - Student at large
VACANT - Student at large
VACANT - Student at large
Savannah Andrews - Chair of Student Union Board
Jacquie Russo - Student Union Board Member at Large
Mike Kwon - ASi President
Nick Smith - ASi President Designee
Dhiraj Kumar - ASi Representative at Large
Dayshanae James - Residence Hall Student Representative
Sarah Hendrick - Alumni Association Direcctor
Cindy Zuniga - Staff Representative - Human Resources
Kris Grappendorf - Faculty Representative
Mike Abril - SRC & Student Union Legal Counsel
Kareem Bland - SRC Sports Coordinator
E.J. Callahan - Director of Student Union & Organizational Governance
Dr. Thomas Wallace - VP for Student Affairs
Dr. Horace Mitchell - University President
Mariah Schultz - SRC Marketing, Special Programs, and Student Development Coordinator
Mary O'Mahoney- SRC Director
VACANT - SRC Fitness & Wellness Coordinator
Mike Neal - VP for Business and Admin Services
Trae Mathews - SRC Facilities & Member Services
Marshall McArthur - SRC Outdoor Adven

SRC Advisory Committee Application

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SRC Advisory Committee Operating Procedures

Interested in reading the official operating procedures and purpose of this committee? SRC Advisory Committee Operating Procedures.pdf