Q: Will the courses I took under the quarter system count toward my degree when I graduate on the semester calendar?

A:  Absolutely. Continue to work with your academic advisor during this transition. One helpful tool is the Course Conversion Guide Search, which shows the semester equivalent to many quarter courses, allowable substitutions, and a great deal of other useful information. Please note that not all courses are available, as many are still being reviewed and approved.

Q: How will the units I have taken under quarters be combined with the units I will take under semesters?

A:  Units earned under the quarter system will be multiplied by 2/3 (.66667) to calculate total semester unit equivalent.

Q: Will three classes per semester be considered full-time?

A:  No. Under the semester system, you need to take more than three classes for full-time status. If you want to graduate in a timely manner, you should take five classes (15 units) per semester. Work with your advisor to develop your graduation plan. Students must complete at least 12 units per semester to maintain full financial aid eligibility.

Q: What if I'm in the middle of courses that must be taken in a series when the conversion occurs?

A:  Each School and department has created plans for transitioning courses, including courses to be taken in series, from quarters to semesters. You should meet with your academic advisor to work out an approved Individualized Academic Plan (IAP).

Q: What if I decide to change my major before or after the semester conversion?

A:  See your academic advisor immediately, as your Individualized Academic Plan (IAP) will need to be modified and re-approved.

Q: Will minors for those students currently required to have minors continue to be required after the conversion?

A:  Yes, but CSUB is committed to facilitating graduation for students transitioning to the semester calendar. Discuss this with your advisor if this requirement will hold you back from graduating.

Q: How will registering for classes be different under the semester system?

A:  You will only register for classes twice, rather than three times during the academic year. Because class registration will happen less frequently, it will be more important than ever to get early advising and take advantage of your priority registration appointment.

Q: Why are five classes per semester considered the new average?

A:  To ensure timely graduation, it is very important you take five courses each semester. Over the longer span of a semester, you will have more time in which to read and write and learn (and you may have a bit more flexibility in trying to catch up if you fall behind).

Q: How do I know what classes I need to enroll in to graduate on-time?

A:  Students should meet with their academic advisors to create an approved Individualized Academic Plan (IAP) beginning in April 2015 to ensure they are enrolled in the correct courses needed to graduate in a timely manner.