Graduate Programs

Q: How does the conversion affect Graduate Programs?

A: Most students will be able to move seamlessly through their program plan of study regardless of the conversion. However, students who have NOT maintained program currency or who chose to drop out of their program prior to conversion may experience some changes that will delay their graduation or degree completion time. Every student is encouraged to meet with their Graduate Program Coordinator and discuss how the conversion will impact them.

Q: Will the Graduate Business Professional (MBA) Fee be higher under the semester system?

A: MBA students will pay a similar amount under each system. For example, an MBA student enrolled in 8 units per term would currently pay $4,056 per academic year under the quarter system ($169 per unit x 24 quarter units for the academic year). The same workload would cost that student $4,064 under the semester system ($254 per unit x 16 semester units for the academic year).