Minor in Psychology

Many majors at CSUB require an accompanying minor in a different discipline. Psychology can be that minor.

A minor allows students to explore an area of study beyond the exposure they receive within the university's general education requirements. Some students choose a minor that complements their major (e.g., a Criminal Justice major who minors in Psychology to understand the science behind criminal profiling). A second common use of a minor is for personal development or passion for a discipline that is not your major (e.g., an Accounting major who minors in Psychology  to better understand the psychological disorders that affect members of his family).

The minor in Psychology consists of four courses (20 quarter units) that include:

  • PSYC 100  Explorations in Psychology (or Intro Psychology from another institution)
  • One course from:
    • PSYC 203  Biological Psychology (a lower division course from another institution may count)
    • PSYC 210  Child Psychology (a lower division course from another institution may count)
    • PSYC 301  Principles of Learning
    • PSYC 302  Sensation and Perception
    • PSYC 304  Cognitive Psychology
    • PSYC 312  Social Psychology
    • PSYC 315  Abnormal Psychology
    • PSYC 316  Personality
  • Two upper division, graded, 5-unit Psychology electives

The minor must be approved by the department chair.

Note: All prerequisite, major, and minor courses must be completed within the 10 years prior to graduation. Courses that are more than 10 years old must be recertified. See our recertification policy for ways in which old courses can be recertified.

Declaring Your Minor

When you are ready to declare a Psychology minor, you should make an appointment with the chair of Psychology to discuss the classes you would like to include in your minor. The department office (Dorothy Donahoe Hall, room D107, 654-2363) has the forms students need to declare a minor and staff can help you set up an appointment.

Students need to declare a minor by the beginning of their junior year at CSUB.