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The Provost's Vision and Values

We provide a high quality and transformative educational experience, consistent with the ethos of excellence upon which CSUB was founded. This experience is built on quality academic programs and support services, which embody a student-centered philosophyand the “marks” of a CSUB education. A CSUB degree is valued. It represents our highest ideals of instructional pedagogies in the disciplines and professions.

A number of specific activities enhance our academic process. We focus on preparing our students for the changing global environment. We foster a collegial and engaging environment at our university. We value and promote inclusiveness and diversity shaped by a shared ideal of excellence. We are determined, resilient, and optimistic even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, as we know that our students and our community deserve no less of us. We will govern ourselves with principles of fairness; equity; mutual respect; teamwork, transparency; academic freedom; and individual, unit, program, and institutional responsibility and accountability. These will guide our decisions, actions, and conduct. Our commitment is to remain: Student-centered, Faculty and Staff-focused, and Community-minded.


This commitment is seen in our efforts to provide the highest quality academic programs, instructional and learning resources, and educational support services within our available funding. It is facilitated by the value that we place on the unique and collective contributions of liberal arts, the sciences, and professional education to ready students for an emerging future that requires “learning, applying, and achieving.” It is enhanced by our accessibility to the students. It is furthered by the opportunities provided to our students and our high expectations of them. And, it is supported by the value we place upon diversity, as we embrace students’ differences in learning styles, backgrounds, and achievements. We acknowledge their critical role in the educational process.

Through curricular innovation and an “evidence-based” approach, we ensure that our students attain the knowledge and competencies essential to live, lead, and contribute to our society and the world around them. We recognize and take pride in their personal and intellectual growth, and in their future successes.

Faculty and Staff-focused  

This commitment is seen in our recognition of and rewards for contributions to the advancement of the university by faculty and staff. We attract, retain, and support faculty who excel at teaching, creating active student learning environments. We support faculty in their quest to discover, interpret, integrate, and apply knowledge and demonstrate creativity in their professional endeavors. We remain current in our fields; and we value the learning that occurs through faculty engagement with each other, and with students in scholarly and creative activities. Our faculty contributes to the advancement of their academic disciplines and professions. Through their research, expertise, and creative talents and expressions, they add value and contribute to our community, our region, and the global society.

In addition, we attract and develop staff who are service-minded, and who make essential contributions to the life of the institution. We support them in utilizing exemplary practices in their positions. And, they demonstrate a continual desire to acquire the knowledge and competencies that are essential for institutional effectiveness and advancement.


In making this commitment, we recognize that community is both a “place” and “connectedness.” Working collaboratively to achieve our collective goals, we therefore celebrate our work and accomplishments, and remain reflective learners.  We demonstrably value this institution and embrace a philosophy of continuous improvement and shared governance. We are committed to organizational and operational excellence. We effectively manage our resources, seeking efficiency in order to attain our mission, our goals, and our vision. We consider data to seek solutions to our challenges and to explore new opportunities. As we weigh options and alternatives, we will use good judgment and integrity in our decision-making.

We reaffirm our commitment to serve our region and the State. We engage as partners to improve educational outcomes and to increase college-going opportunities in our local area and beyond. We share in the desire for individuals, families, and communities to achieve their goals of social and economic well-being by providing access to an excellent university, an outstanding education and by cultivating a life-long desire for learning.

Soraya M. Coley, Ph.D.

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