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Public Administration B.A.

Program Description

CSUB Vision: "Our vision is that by 2014-15, CSU Bakersfield will be the leading campus in the CSU system in terms of faculty and academic excellence and diversity, quality of the student experience and community engagement. Realization of our vision will be advanced by recruitment, development and promotion of an excellent and diverse staff within an organizational culture committed to excellence in all areas.

In pursuit of this vision, individuals enrolled in our Public Policy and Administration (P.P.A.) programs gain new skills and expertise that enable them to prepare for positions with local, county, state and federal agencies; nonprofit organizations; hospitals and health care agencies; and private corporations engaged in community development or governmental regulations. In addition to the affirmative recruitment of women, ethnic minorities and the disabled, the department strongly encourages the enrollment of practitioners in the undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs. The purpose of the PPA programs is to prepare competent, ethical and effective public, nonprofit, and health care managers and leaders to advance the public service.

In pursuit of academic excellence and diversity, high quality student experiences, and community engagement the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Public Administration is designed to prepare undergraduate students for public service careers in government, nonprofit, health care, and volunteer organizations, as well as to upgrade the knowledge and skills of professional personnel already in such organizations.

Contact Information

R. Steven Daniels

Chair and Professor of Public Administration
Ph,D., University of Oregon
Phone: (661) 654-2318
Fax: (661) 654-6687

Sonia Morentin

Administrative Support Coordinator
Phone: (661) 654-3406
Fax: (661) 654-6687