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Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

Given the CSUB goals of academic excellence and diversity, high quality student experiences, and community engagement, it is the mission of this Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in Public Administration to prepare undergraduate students for administrative and managerial careers in government, nonprofit, health care, and volunteer organizations, as well as to upgrade the knowledge and skills of professional personnel already in such organizations. In addition, the program builds informed, active and responsible citizenship.

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Major Requirements:Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

A.  Required Lower Division Foundation Courses 

ACCT 220, ECON 202, PLSI 101, PHIL 102 or ANTH
120 or 121 or HUM 102 or SOC 120

B. Required Core Courses

PPA 275, 300, 320, 340, PPA 401 or BA 301, PPA 476 or
MGMT 310, PPA 478, 490, COMM 304

C. Upper Division Electives (4 approved courses)

In addition to the foundation and core requirements, students must complete four approved 300-level or 400-level courses in Public Policy and Administration. Students may take 500-level courses or take the foundation courses for the MPA and MSA,HCM. PPA 401 may not be counted by PPA majors in both the coreand the electives. Students may also take coursework inother disciplines such as marketing, management, finance,economics, criminal justice, and other social sciencedisciplines if it matches their career objectives. Makethese choices after consulting the undergraduate advisor.

Service Learning Component in BAPA:

Undergraduate public administration students must complete at least one service learning component during their degree program. This service learning component may be satisfied by a community-based project in a public administration class, an independent study, cooperative education, an internship, or another means approved by the PPA faculty. Students must develop a service learning portfolio to be presented in PPA 490.

Undergraduate Students Planning to Pursue the MPA or the MSA-HCM

*Note: Undergraduate students in Public Policy and Administration planning to pursue the MPA or MSA,HCM should take the appropriate Fast Track courses as electives counting toward completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (see the “Fast Track” minors). Seniors may take 500-level electives, with the permission of the department. Undergraduate students may not take 600- level courses. Courses at the 600-level are limited to classified graduate students.

Minors in Public Administration

A minor in Public Administration is available to candidates for any baccalaureate degree. The minor may be of special importance to those interested in pursuing the MPA or MSA,HCM degree. These students should seek advising from the Undergraduate Advisor before beginning work on the minor. A student desiring a minor in Public Administration must have the approval of the Undergraduate Advisor and must take four approved upper division courses in Public Policy and Administration.

Requirements for the Minor in Public Administration  (20 units)

1. Requires PPA 275, 300
2. Plus at least (2) of the following: PPA 320, 325, 340,
401, 465, (476 or MGMT 310), or 478

Minors in MPA or MSA-Health Care Management, “Fast Track” 

For those considering the MPA or MSA,Health Care Management programs, the “Fast Track” minors allow students to complete the MPA and MSA,HCM Foundation as part of their undergraduate minor. Students must pass the courses to receive credit for a minor or a PPA elective; however, students also wishing to use the Fast Track courses to meet the graduate Foundation must achieve a “B” (3.0) or higher in each course.

Requirements for the Minor in MPA “Fast Track” (20 units)

PPA 491, 401, 492, 493

Requirements for the Minor in MSA-HCM “Fast Track”(4 of the 5 courses; 20 units)

PPA 401 (may not be double counted in both the PPA core and PPA electives), PPA 492, 493, 494, 505

Requirements for the Minor in Nonprofit Management (20 units)

The minor in nonprofit management provides students in business and majors in humanities, social sciences, and physical education the opportunity for class preparation in community nonprofit and social action agencies.

 1. Requires PPA 350*, 450*, 496*
2. Plus at least one of the following: ACCT 220, 221, MGMT
460, MKTG 300, 304, 430, PPA 465*, 478*
*May not be counted for minor credit by PPA majors.

Requirements for the Minor in Health Care Management (21-25 units)

A minor in Health Care Management is available to candidates for any baccalaureate degree program. The minor may be of interest to students interested in pursuing careers in health care or health care management. The minor would also allow students to complete some of the fast track courses into the MPA or MSA in Health Care Management. These students must seek approval from the PPA Undergraduate Advisor before beginning work on the minor for curriculum planning from the courses listed below and to facilitate the sequencing of courses and transition to the Master’s level degree programs. Students must consult with the PPA internship advisor and the health care management faculty to identify a service learning experience. A student must take five upper division courses (25 units) including an applied learning experience from the following courses. (If students choose to complete PPA 492, they also must have completed a 300-level statistics course or higher to be eligible).

1. PPA 425, 494
2. Two of the following: ECON 310, PPA 426, 419, 536
3. And complete an Applied Learning Experience, one of
the following: PPA 496, 497, 492*
*Must have completed PPA 401, BA 301, or an upper division
statistics course approved by the PPA undergraduate advisor).  

Requirements for the Certificate in Public Administration
An individual who desires to begin non-degree study in Public Administration may apply for a certificate. Six (6) courses are required for the Certificate in Public Administration: 

 PPA 275, 300, 401, PPA 476 or MGMT 310, PPA 478,
Plus one approved elective.  

Requirements for the Certificate in Nonprofit Management
An individual who desires to begin non-degree study in nonprofit management may apply for a certificate. Six courses are required for the Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

 1. Requires PPA 350, 450, 496
2. Plus at least three of the following: ACCT 220, 221,
MKTG 304, 315, 430, MGMT 460, MKTG 300, PPA 465, 478