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Requirements for the Master of Administration,Health Care Management

Master of Science in Administration - Health Care Management (MSA,HCM)

In pursuit of academic excellence and diversity, high quality student experiences, and community engagement, the mission of this graduate program is career preparation and development for policy/decision­making, managerial and administrative positions in the public, nonprofit, and health care sectors. The program is especially responsive to regional health, health care, and human service needs, preparing graduates for state and local health care management.

MSA-HCM Foundation (may be taken as an undergraduate)

PPA 401, 492, 493, 494

MSA-HCM Core Requirements (30 units)

PPA 505, 536, 610, 611, 685, 689

MSA Electives (10 units)

Students in the MSA program must complete two additional approved courses at the 500- or 600-level, offered by the Department of Public Policy and Administration. Electives presented by other departments may be taken upon approval of a petition to the Graduate Coordinator. Graduate students may take 300- and 400- level courses if augmented to reflect graduate credit.

Internship (1-5 units)

Graduate students who do not have two years of supervisory experience in the health care sector will be required to take a health care sector internship. See the Internship Coordinator for more information.

Master’s Paper (5 units)

PPA 698 Masters Paper - Candidates for the MSA degree must complete a culminating activity in accordance with Title V of the California Administrative Code. The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate competency acquired in the graduate program. This includes mastery of knowledge in the discipline and in the ability to use theory and method in the preparation of an applied research project. Research for the master’s paper that involves data from human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research (IRB/HSR). For additional details, see their website

Certificate in Nonprofit Management (Graduate Level)

An individual who desires to begin post-baccalaureate study in nonprofit management may apply for a certificate. Five courses are required for the graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management:

PPA 519, 520, 550

And at least two of the following:

PPA 492, 493, 545, 685, 611, 696