Listed below is a series of internship, foreign study, and employment opportunities directed to Political Science majors.  These vary enormously.  Some are short-term, others for a year or more.  Some are paid, others are volunteer.  Some have highly specific eligibility criteria, others are open to anyone with some background in the discipline.  Some are annual competitions with a firm application date, others have flexible starting dates.  Check out the websites or contact the liaison for specific information, and talk to your faculty advisor for information about the previous experience of CSUB Political Science majors.

The CSU International Program recruits the students from all CSU campus who are motivated to participate in organized study abroad in a wide variety of countries -- some of the courses of study in the local language, but others in English.

Maddy Institute specializes in political and policy activities for the Valley from Sacramento to Bakersfield.

For those seeking to join with Republican youth, one of the programs close to CSUB is the Reagan Ranch, which hosts many activities of the Young America's Foundation.

A national organization whose primary goal is to increase the participation of young women in politics and public policy is the Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN), which holds an annual advocacy seminar and provides scholarship assistance for most applicants.  Annual application deadline is usually early October.

One of the community organizations with special relations to the Department, the University, and the local community is the foundation established by Delores Huerta to advance participation of low income and immigrant communities in public affairs.

A good site to begin your homework on graduate programs is