Chair's Welcome

Many aspects of being a department chair are not fun.  These duties include attending meetings, signing forms, scheduling classes, etc.  However, these duties have their rewards -- the most important of which is insuring that students and faculty have positive learning experiences.  Even better are the times when the chair has a role in recognizing student and faculty achievements -- commencement, research conferences, Pi Sigma Alpha initiation, writing letters of recommendation for graduate school, law school, job applications, etc.  These "duties" are what makes the chair's position worth doing, and prospective and current students, along with alumni, are why the chair works as hard as he or she does.  Whenever I am on campus, the door is always open, and in these days, I read the emails every day and return phone calls as soon as possible.  If I don't answer, try again.  Your concerns are our concerns, and the other faculty and I have no higher priority than that of helping your reach your educational and career goals.