Pre-Engineering Roadmaps


CSUB pre-engineering students on a two-year plan take almost exclusively math and science courses – with only those general education courses required to transfer. Students on a three-year plan will take the same math and science courses along with more of the general education courses. The three-year plan is best for students wishing to maximize their time spent living in Kern County, while the two-year plan is best for those wishing to earn their degree as soon as possible. Note that students requiring remedial classes will not be able to complete the entire pre-engineering program in two years. Remember that you will be graduating from another school, not CSUB – you do not have to worry about fulfilling CSUB-specific graduation requirements.

Course Planning

The links here show examples of a typical schedule followed by students on two- and three-year plans. But every student is different, course conflicts can occur, courses can be failed, and so on; so there is no one-size-fits-all course plan. Students should sit down with a pre-engineering advisor to decide their own individual course plan.

Course Requirements

The Fact Sheet contains information about the core pre-engineering courses generally required of transfer students to engineering schools. The Advising tab of this web site contains additional information about our pre-engineering program, the core courses, pre-requisites, general education courses, and other courses.

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