Pre-Engineering Advisors
Assigned by first letter of last name. 

Letters A-D
Dr. Alexander Dzyubenko
Science III, Room 302
(661) 654-2096


Letters E-I
Dr. Vladimir Gasparyan
Science III, Room 306


Letters J-P
Dr. Jeff Lewis
Science III, Room 301
(661) 654-3158


Letters Q-Z
Dr. Jorge Talamantes
Science III, Room 305
(661) 654-2335


Please see your advisor quarterly at the time of pre-registration, classes may be full or you may have scheduling conflicts. Your advisor may be able to help or suggest alternatives.

General Education

The general education (GE) requirements for transferring students can be very complicated. Only three GE courses are REQUIRED of transfer students to most schools, those are


English ENGL 110
Speech 1 COMM 108 or THTR 232
Logical Reasoning 2 PHIL 102



1 UC schools do not require a Speech class, instead you MUST take a second writing class (ENGL 101).

2 Some engineering schools (Fresno, San Luis Obispo, Northridge for example) do not require a logical reasoning class. Other schools will not accept you as a transfer student unless you’ve fulfilled the logical reasoning requirement.


MATH 204 and 205 have the same prerequisite, MATH 203 (so 204 and 205 can be taken in either order), if you only have time to take one, it should be 204.


MATH 222 must be taken concurrently with either MATH 202 or MATH 203.


In order to take Calculus (MATH 201), you must complete pre-calculus (MATH 191, 192), score 3 or better on the Calculus AP exam, or pass the Calculus Readiness Test given by the Math department (654-3151).


Math now offers MATH 231, 232, 233, 234 (Engineering Calculus 1, 2, 3 and 4) which can be taken in place of MATH 201, 202, 203 and 204.


In order to take MATH 191, you must score 550 or above on the SAT Math test or score 50 or above on the Entry Level Math test (ELM).


Students scoring 38-48 on the ELM exam must start with MATH 85 at CSUB.


Students scoring 0-36 on the ELM exam must start with MATH 75 at CSUB.


Students requiring remedial math (MATH 75, 85) can then take MATH 190 followed by 192 and then on to Calculus. These students can take MATH 191 instead of 190 by passing the Pre-Calculus Readiness Test given by the Math department (654-3151).


The prerequisite for CMPS 221 is that the student is qualified to take MATH 191.


CMPS 150 is a 1-unit course on the UNIX operating system. It must be taken concurrently with CMPS 221, the class typically meets for one week only.


The prerequisite for PHYS 221 is MATH 201.


The prerequisite for Engineering 240 is PHYS 221.


The prerequisite for Engineering 207 is PHYS 222.


In order to take CHEM 211, you must complete CHEM 101 or pass the Chemistry Placement Test given at the Testing Center on campus (654-3373).


In order to take ENGL 110, you must complete ENGL 80 and/or 99, score 550 or above on the SAT Verbal test, or score 155 or above on the English Placement Test (EPT).


Students scoring 142-154 on the EPT exam must start with ENGL 99 at CSUB.


Students scoring 120-141 on the EPT exam must start with ENGL 80 at CSUB.


Students waiting to receive their EPT and/or ELM test scores or still waiting to take the tests must enroll in ENGL 80 and/or MATH 75. Once your test scores are posted, you can drop ENGL 80 and/or MATH 75 and then register for the appropriate course.


Some general education classes require completion of ENGL 110 before they can be taken.