Greetings from the Philosophy and Religious Studies Club!

The purpose of the CSUB Philosophy & Religious Studies Club is to provide an opportunity for students interested in Philosophy and or Religious Studies to interact with fellow students and faculty to discuss philosophical and religious issues, hold study sessions, host events, and get feedback for academic work. 


Join us for a 20 minute stroll around campus!

Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.

Meets and Ends in DDH

Students and Faculty ae welcome!

Sponsored by Phi Sigma Tau, the International Honor Society in Philosophy

Upcoming Events in 2016, where the PHIL/RS Club will have a booth:

  • College Making it Happen - March 12th
  • The Homeless Center's Easter Eggstravanganza - March 19th
  • Celebrate CSUB - April 23rd
  • PHIL/RS Undergraduate Conference - April 30th.

Socrates Club

The Philosophy & Religious Studies Club will be hosting a series of events known as Socrates Cafe.  Each discussion will be lead by a faculty member, or sometimes a student, that has generously agreed to brief us on a topic and ask key questions to initiate and direct a discourse among students.  Topics might vary from abstract to practical application, and hopefully be relevant to the current pop issues.

When?  TBA