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CSUB University Seals

This is the official seal of CSU Bakersfield. The seal should have limited use, primarily on official university documents such as contracts or diplomas. The seal should not be used in place of the complete CSU Bakersfield logo. The seal may not be combined with any other element.

However, the seal may appear separately as a decorative or design element. If only a portion of the seal appears, it must include, at a minimum, the words "EXCELLENCE PARTNERSHIPS COMMUNITY" and preferably the word "Bakersfield."

CSUB Partial Seal

Using the seal

There should always be sufficient space around the seal to keep it clear of distracting elements, such as type, photographs or graphics. In general, this clear space is equivalent to the width between the two circles (as shown below). Because of inherent space restrictions in some specific usages, this space requirement may have to be modified.

Minimum size

The seal should always be proportional to the piece being created. The height of the seal should never be less than 5/8 inch.

Reversed seal

In some designs, the seal must reverse out of a solid color. When the logo is reversed out of a CSUB Gold, CSUB Blue or black, the only color option is white.

When using the logo in reverse, the area of isolation must be maintained as described above.

Seal Dimensions