Early Start Program:

What is Early Start?

Looking to strengthen your skills in math and or English before attending CSU Bakersfield? Early Start is the smart start. The Early Start Program at CSU Bakersfield will provide you with the necessary skills you will need in math and or English to have a successful start to you academic career. The program is offered throughout the summer and is taught by CSUB faculty allowing you to get accustomed to the college environment before starting in the fall quarter.

Who must take Early Start?

Students who have taken the English Placement Test (EPT) and score below 147 are REQUIRED to be enrolled in Early Start English.

Students who have taken the Entry Level Math (ELM) exam and score below 50 are REQUIRED to be enrolled in Early Start Math.

How can I be exempt from Early Start?

Your first step in being exempt from Early Start is placing "college ready" through the Early Assessment Program (EAP). You may remember the EAP from your Junior year STAR test. Please ask your high school counselor or contact CSU Bakersfield to find out more about your EAP scores.

For more information about how the EAP exempts you from Early Start, please click: Early Start Program and EAP

*International Students, Out of State Students, and students participating in the CSUB Summer Bridge or College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) are exempt from the Early Start requirements.

How much does the program Cost?

The preliminary cost for the Early Start Program is $182 per Early Start subject. For example, if a student is required to enroll in Early Start Math and Early Start English, the total cost for the student would be $364. The fees for the program are subject to change based on approved increases.

Are there any fee waivers available?

Students who have applied for financial aid and have an Estimated Family Contribution of $5000 or less may be eligible for a fee waiver. Students will be asked to apply for the fee waiver as part of the application process to the Early Start Program.

How do I sign up for Early Start?

To Sign up for the Early Start Program, please follow the instructions provided on the two links below:

Step 1:

Complete the following instructions prior to moving on to step two:

Signing up for Early Start

Step 2:

After completing the procedures outlined in Step 1 above, click the following link to enroll in Early Start:

Enroll in Early Start

I have questions, how do I find out more about Early Start?

For questions regarding Early Start, please contact Crystal Montoya via:

E-Mail: Phone: (661) 654-2193





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