Returning Students: Requirements & Documentation

Your annual requirements are to be completed prior to the first day of fall semester each year.

These requirements are required by the university and clinical agencies. If you fail to complete these requirements, you will receive a Clinical Warning and may be administratively dropped from your nursing courses.

The following requirements below have links to documents. Packet A includes forms that need to be in your student file from the first day of the term. Packet B includes forms that you will complete during your clinical orientation and will turn in after your clinical instructor reviews and signs them. 


  • Students are required to submit 2 stapled, identical sets of Packet A to the Nursing Front Office.
  • All documents need to be placed in a large envelope. Your name and class level must be on the outside of the envelope. 
  • No partial documentation will be accepted. The Department will not make copies of documents for you.
  • Bring copies with you or stop at the CSUB Print Shop to have copies made. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Required documentation includes:

Packet A

(turn in to Nursing Front Office by 1st day of fall semester)

1. Annual Health Requirements Checklist   Print out, complete, and submit with your packets
2. Updated Health Clearance An updated health clearance from the Student Health Center. Returning Students do not need to have another physical completed.
3. A current American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR card A photocopy, not original, of your current card
4. Professional Liability insurance A receipt from the CSUB cashier's window
5. Health Insurance or Declination A photocopy of the front and back of your current health insurance card, or a completed declination form
6. Mask Fit Test The completed form
7. Essential Functions form The completed form; please submit only the final page of the Essential Functions form.
8. Confidentiality Statement The completed form
9. Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse Reporting Responsibilities The completed form
10. Child Abuse Reporting Responsibilities The completed form
11 Student Information/Update form The completed form with current contact information

Packet B

(only one packet needed; turn in to your Clinical Instructor on Orientation Day) 

1.  CSUB Clinical Facility Orientation form  

The completed form is required each semester; an updated form will be provided to you by your instructor each quarter.

You may view the Local Healthcare Facility Orientation PowerPoint via this link for review.

2. Hospital Education Program Post Test    Only print; do not complete until your instructor has you do so.
3. Bloodborne Pathogens Student Certification  

The completed form must be submitted.

You may access the Bloodborne Pathogens OSHA Fact Sheet via this link for review.


Students who have not met the requirements will not be allowed in clinical settings. 

A master checklist will be maintained by the nursing office documenting receipt of the required documents. The copies of the documents will be placed in the student files. Faculty will be notified of students in their assigned clinical sections that have not met the requirements.