Newly Admitted Students: Traditional BSN

Required RSVP

To reserve your seat or decline acceptance, the RSVP Form must be complete and emailed directly to This is to be received no later than the deadline that is indicated on your conditional acceptance notice.

Post-Acceptance Requirements 

Step 1: Place your order and pay for Background Check and Drug Test through CastleBranch. Package code is AI88. Completion deadline for background check and drug test is designated in your Conditional Acceptance Notice.

Step 2: Log-in and activate your CastleBranch account to complete the Post-Acceptance Requirements due by August 13, 2018.

The ATI Payment Package payment instructions is  available in your CastleBranch account. You may also acces the instructions by clicking on ATI Payment Instructions

You may refer to the Immunization Reference Sheet as as guide on what to expect or present to your primary care physician when completing the requirements.

For assistance or questions with navigating and submitting requirements, you may contact  contact CastleBranch directly.

Final Official Transcripts (non-CSUB courses)

Final official transcripts to include Spring 2018 grades (prereqs, cognates, general education, electives) are to be received in both the Department of Nursing and the Office of Admissions and Records by July 15, 2018. Please send an official transcripts to the following addresses:

California State University, Bakersfield
Office of Admissions and Records,  47SA
9001 Stockdale Highway
Bakersfield, CA  93311-1022

You Must Wear Your CSUB Nursing Uniform to Sophomore Orientation. 

Please read the Guidelines for Professional Appearance

Appropriate scrubs with required embroidery may be purchased at Personally Yours Embroidery. The vendor will be onsite during Meet and Greet or you may make arrangements directly with Personally Yours to order. 

Failure to complete requirements will result in revoked admissions to the Traditional BSN program and non-enrollment into nursing courses.