RN-BSN Post-Licensure Program

Dear Prospective RN to BSN Student:

Congratulations on your decision to consider returning to school for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. The Institute of Medicine's Future of Nursing Report strongly encourages all nurses to obtain their BSN prior to 2020. The California State University, Bakersfield's RN to BSN Program is designed to build on your Associate Degree in Nursing and challenge you to explore and grow in new ways. A basic knowledge of nursing theory, research methods, nursing leadership, and community health nursing set the BSN graduate apart from the ADN graduate. You will also gain a deeper understanding of pathophysiology which will be invaluable in your clinical setting. Upon completion of the program, you will be eligible to apply for a Public Health Nurse (PHN) certificate that permits you to work in either public health or school nursing and various community-based organizations.

I graduated as an ADN back in 1983.  After 13 years in critical care, I realized that I was ready for something different.  I started working in community health, where I soon realized that I needed to get my BSN.  I went through an RN-BSN program similar to this one, with online classes, new concepts and new technology.  I worked full time and cared for a newborn throughout the program; it was difficult at times, but I gained so much knowledge and understanding of Nursing!  I never regretted the decision, and I know my Nursing practice flourished because of the knowledge and experience gained through getting my BSN degree.  My hope is you will find this journey to be exciting and will look for opportunities to apply your new-found knowledge.

The Department of Nursing at CSUB work closely with our faculty, nursing leaders, ADN programs, and community members to craft a solid and current curriculum for the RN to BSN student. We receive positive feedback from the community and our students regarding the quality of our program. The CSUB RN to BSN Program is flexible so it can accommodate your work schedule. We currently offer all Nursing lecture courses online. The fall program is not intended for students residing outside of the Bakersfield, Visalia, or Lancaster areas, as we still require 125 hours of clinical for Community Health.

You may access the Fall 2018 RN to BSN Program information above using the drop-down menus on the side of this page. Please contact Program Advisor for transfer information and distance advising.

Thank you for your interest in our program; you can do this!  I look forward to your great success in our program.


Jane Yadon, MPH, RN, APHN-BC
RN to BSN Program Director
Department of Nursing
CSU Bakersfield

Jane Yadon, RN-BSN Program Director

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