RN to BSN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Why get a BSN?

A BSN offers you a wider variety of job possibilities. You will be eligible to apply for the Public Health Nursing Certificate. This certification permits you to work in a public health department. You are also eligible for management positions and can begin working as a school nurse. A basic knowledge of nursing theory and research methods as well as community health nursing set the BSN graduate apart. You will also gain a deeper understanding of pathophysiology which will be invaluable in your clinical setting.

How do I prepare for the RN to BSN Program?

Complete the following requirements to prepare for the RN to BSN and CSU, Bakersfield transfer prior to entering CSUB:

  1. General Education:

    CSU Transfer General Education Breadth: Students should meet with their community college Counselor or Advisor and follow the GE Certification for Transfer to CSU in the current community college catalog. CSU General Education Transfer Areas "A" through "D" and the American Institutions (U.S. History & Political Science) requirements should be met prior to transferring. For a list of specific courses, please visit the Roadmaps website.
  2. Nursing Prerequisites (8 total): Students must have official (sealed) transcripts showing completion of all of the following prerequisites within the last ten years in their completed application packet:
    1. Anatomy including a laboratory (3 semester units). May be combined with Physiology as 10 quarter units or 6 semester units.
    2. Physiology including a laboratory (4 semester units).
    3. Microbiology (3 semester units).
    4. Chemistry (general, integrated, inorganic, or organic) with or without lab, as it is taught on the campus where the course was taken.
    5. Statistics (3 semester units).
    6. English (3 semester units).
    7. Public Speaking (3 semester units).
    8. Critical Thinking (3 semester units.)
  3. ADN
    • Complete the ADN (AS in Nursing) from an accredited junior or private college.

Do I have to drive to Bakersfield?

All lecture courses are online. You will need a computer with Internet access to use the course. Students must complete one clinical in the program. Clinical placements for the Community & Public Health Practicum will only be available in Kern County. Approximately one hundred and thirty total scheduled clinical hours are required during the spring term (January through May). Students generally will only need to come to campus for the on-campus nursing orientation, student ID photo (optional), to possibly take courses satisfying Upper-Division, and to take the GWAR exam (online course may be an alternative to this option). Students can generally obtain the Health Clearance by mail/fax. Antelope Valley students may visit the CSU Bakersfield Antelope Valley satellite campus to complete the Health Clearance, Upper-Division General Education requirements, and GWAR (all may be done at this location except the nursing orientation).

Can I transfer foreign credits to CSUB?

Yes. Nursing and non-nursing foreign credit require a course-by-course evaluation by an approved evaluation service.

What are the criteria for admission to CSUB RN to BSN Program?

Please see the Eligibility Requirements for detailed information.

Who can I contact for additional information?

Fatima Ramos is the Advisor for the program. You can reach her by phone at (661) 654-2610 or by email at framos12@csub.edu