NSME Clubs 

Check out RunnerSync and click on the "organizations" tab to find an NSME club that interests you.

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The competition for the 2017-18 school year has ended! Check out the monthly updates below! Winning club receives the community service cup, a $300 club stipend, and bragging rights! 

nursing chart

Congratulations California Nursing Student Association (CNSA) for winning the NSME Community Service Cup! CNSA logged the most hours for the '17-'18 academic year. 

nursing CNSA

Fab Lab

Fab Lab is short for “Fabrication Laboratory.”  Although many places may be referred to as a fab lab, the CSUB Fab Lab is based on the MIT-designed model, which inspired their popular class “How to Make (Almost) Anything”

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Fab Fest 

Fab Fest is for inventors, tinkerers, and crafters to share their creations

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Roadrunner Science Day 

Roadrunner Science Day is held in the Spring. K-12 students are invited to learn and engage in science activities.

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REVS-UP/PUP is a program funded by Chevron and serves to provide a hands-on research experience to junior high and high school students.  

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NSME Open House 

High school juniors and seniors are invited to learn about STEM programs at CSUB

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Chem Circus

Chemistry Circus is service learning where students take demonstrations, activities, and engaging projects to the community. 

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Summer Camps 

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California Energy Research Center (CERC)

California Energy Research Center (CERC) on the CSUB campus serves as a catalyst to expand the university's capacity in key energy-related disciplines while benefiting vital regional and statewide energy assets and economic drivers.

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Botanic Garden

More info coming soon

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NSME Outreach Directory

Andrea Medina

Director of Grants and Outreach



Chris Molina

Administrative Support Coordinator 



Jeanette Ennis 

Administrative Support Coordinator 



Bobby Hartsock

Fab Lab Specialist