NSME Chairs Council

The NSME Chairs Council consists of the Dean, the Associate Dean, and the chairs of the school's seven departments. The NSME Chairs Council meets twice a month and additionally as needed.


Dr. Kathleen Madden
Dr. Kathleen Madden
Professor of Mathematics
Phone 661-654-3450
E-mail nsme@csub.edu

Dr. Todd McBride
Dr. Todd McBride
Associate Dean
Professor of Biology
Phone 661-654-3450
E-mail tmcbride@csub.edu

Current Members

Dr. Deborah Boschini
Chair of Nursing
Phone 661-654-3110
E-mail dboschini@csub.edu

Dr. Melissa Danforth
Dr. Melissa Danforth
Chair of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Phone 661-654-3180
E-mail mdanforth@csub.edu

Dr. Alexander Dzyubenko
Chair of Physics and Engineering
Phone 661-654-2096
E-mail adzyubenko@csub.edu

Dr. David Gove
Chair of Mathematics
Phone 661-654-3197
E-mail dgove@csub.edu

Dr. Anthony Rathburn
Chair of Geological Sciences
Phone 661-654-3281
E-mail arathburn@csub.edu

Dr. Paul Smith
Dr. Paul Smith
Chair of Biology
Phone 661-654-2385
E-mail psmith3@csub.edu

Dr. Danielle Solano
Dr. Danielle Solano
Chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Phone 661-654-2785
E-mail dsolano@csub.edu