The Mathematics Tutoring Center

We are located in Science III, Room 208.

We offer Mathematics tutoring in the following courses:

  • Math 910 (formerly Math 75)
  • Math 920 and 930 (formerly Math 85)
  • All 1000- Level courses
  • All 2000- Level courses
  • Math 3120 (formerly Math 320 and 321)

No appointment necessary

Hours of Operation (Fall 2016):


12pm-4pm (at Kegley Center)


Tuesday 9am-8pm
Wednesday 9am-8pm
Thursday 9am-8pm
Friday 9am-3pm

Questions / Comments?

Please feel free to contact the director of the Math Tutoring Center, Dr. Bilin Zeng at (661) 654-6519

Need a Private Tutor?

Please contact Dr. Rebecca Larson at (661) 654-2103.

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