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Pearson Writer is a revolutionary digital tool for writers at all levels. You can access it via the MWLP website or your mobile device. Pearson Writer streamlines the tedious and time-consuming aspects of writing, so you can focus on developing your ideas. You will have access to Pearson Writer starting in Fall 2016.

You can access Pearson Writer on the web through the MWLP website,, but you will also be able to access it via your smart device (iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet, etc.) after obtaining your mobile passcode. For more information, please read through this helpful powerpoint.


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Pearson Writer Powerpoint

Writing, Grammar & Research Guide - your go-to resource any time you have a question or need help.

    Gives you a research, writing and grammar handbook at your fingertips
    Explains the rules of grammar
    Offers writing tips
    Contains a built in search engine for easy access
    Presents tutorials to help you learn

Automatic Writing Review - checks your paper for possible spelling, grammar and style errors.

    Analyzes your writing
    Detects spelling and style errors
    Provides suggested changes
    Helps with the editing process

Citation Generator -keeps track of every source throughout your research and builds your bibliography in the background.

    Guides you through the steps of writing your citations
    Tracks credibility of your sources
    Keeps track of all your research
    Helps you create proper citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE
    The mobile app even allows you to scan the barcode of a book to add it to your sources page automatically!

Research Database -makes searching for and managing source naterials easier.

    Provides access to databases with trusted academic articles

Project and Task Manager -helps you stay on top of multiple projects and makes organzing your ideas and your sources less cumbersome.

    Sets milestones prior to the due date of your writing projects
    Helps you generate an outline and notes for your writing project
    Facilitates organizations of your writing projects
    Lets you track your tasks for your writing project
    Provides a checklist of what you’ve completed and what you have left to do

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