Music Audition Requirements

Vocal Music Audition Requirements


  • Performance of a solo, art song or aria is preferred
  • Tonal memory test
  • Music Theory Diagnostic
  • Interview/Mini Orientation

An accompanist will be available at the time of your audition but prospective students are welcome to bring their own accompanists.

Instrumental Music Audition Requirements

Two standard solo pieces or etudes in contrasting styles (approx. 10 min. total):
  • One piece demonstrating technical proficiency
  • One piece demonstrating expressive, lyrical playing
Scales (ascending and descending):
  • Major scales up to four sharps or flats (at least two octaves)
  • Chromatic scale (over full range of the instrument)
Jazz improvisation (optional):
  • Improvise on a 12-bar blues pattern or jazz standard
  • Bassists: demonstrate walking bass line on a 12-bar blues form or jazz standard
  • Drummers: demonstrate various styles (swing, samba, bossa nova, and rock)
An accompanist will not be provided for instrumental auditions. Students may use an accompaniment CD or bring their own accompanists.

On the day of the audition, students will also receive a mini orientation and complete the Music Theory Diagnostic.

University Admission Requirements

Students interested in attending CSU Bakersfield starting in the Fall Quarter, 2013, need to apply for admission to the University no later than MARCH 1, 2013.

To apply to CSU Bakersfield visit:

Apply early and secure your spot at our University.

For your convenience, here are the basic requirements that prospective students need to complete prior to applying to CSU Bakersfield:

  • SAT or ACT College Entrance Exam (completed or scheduled)
College preparatory pattern of classes ("A-G" courses)
  • English: 4 years of college prepatory English composition and literature
  • Math: 3 years (4 years are recommended), including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, or higher mathematics
  • History and Social Science: 2 years, including 1 year of U.S history (or 1 semester of U.S. History and 1 semester of civics or American government) and 1 year of social science
  • Laboratory Science: 2 years with a lab class
  • Language (other than English): 2 years of the same language (American Sign Language is acceptable)
  • Visual and Performing Arts: 1 year of dance, drama or theatre, music, or visual arts
  • College Preparatory Elective: 1 year of any college preparatory subject