Jury Exams

The purpose of the Jury Examination is two-fold: to determine that adequate progress is being made in private study and to verify that this progress is sufficient to warrant advancement to the next level of private instruction. Progress will be evaluated with special focus on these six musical aspects:  

  • Technique 
  • Musicianship 
  • Expression 
  • Practice and Preparation Habits 
  • Understanding of Stylistic Differences 
  • Stage Manner and Presence  

Progress should be demonstrated through performance of diverse and appropriate repertoire, which is reflective of the content of the student’s private instruction. Consult your instructor to determine what repertoire is appropriate for advancement to the next level.  

At least two full-time faculty members will hear each jury, and the private instructor will be encouraged to attend. The jury panel will assign a grade to the jury performance, and that grade will be averaged with the studio grade assigned by the instructor.  

To schedule a jury, students must sign up for a time slot on the jury sheet available in the music office two to three weeks before the jury date. Juries are usually scheduled for the University Study Day or the Tuesday of Finals week. Always check the quarterly schedule for jury information.  

The student must provide his or her own accompanist, and it is the student’s responsibility to contact the accompanist and get the music to him or her, as well as to arrange rehearsal time.

Missing Jury Examinations 

 A student who is signed up for a Jury Examination must appear for the exam unless excused by the panel of faculty jurors. Lack of preparation is not an acceptable excuse, and students who cancel for this reason will receive an automatic “F”. Failure to appear for a jury will result in a contract stipulating conditions for further study.