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Minor and Special Major in French

Requirements for the Minor in French

A minimum of 20 quarter units of which no more than 10 may be chosen from courses at the 200-level, with the remainder to be selected from courses at the upper division levels.

Two Lower Division courses:

  1. French 201 - Intermediate French I
  2. French 202 - Intermediate French II

And two Upper Divison courses:

  1. French 311 - Advanced French Grammar
  2. French 301 - Introduction to French Literature I
    OR French 302 - Introduction to French Literature II

Minimum requirements for a Special Major in French:

The Special Major in French Program is an option available to CSUB students who are highly motivated and enthusiastic apprentice linguists who believe that global understanding depends on learning the language, culture, literature and civilization of the French-speaking world. Today, 48 countries in the world have joined the union of "La Francophonie" (French-speaking world).

Students interested in pursuing the Special Major in French usually opt for it when they have completed French 201 and 202 - Intermediate French I and II. They would then seek advice and advising from Dr. Joanne Schmidt, Professor of French, to petition for the Special Major in French through the Foreign Languages Department and a second academic department at CSUB such as History, Business, English, Philosophy, Mathematics, Communications, or Political Science, to name just a few.

The Special Major in French entails the following coursework in French and must also include the equivalent of a Minor in a second field of study.

The following French coursework is typical of the Special Major in French:

  • (required) French 311 - Advanced French Grammar
  • (required) French 301 - French Literature I
  • (required) French 302 - French Literature II
  • (required) French 409 - Advanced French Syntax
  • (option within major) French 414 - French Phonetics
  • (option within major) French 415 - Workshop in Translation
  • (required) French 427 - French Culture and Civilization
  • (required) French 499 - Senior Seminar in French

A typical second academic discipline's coursework must resemble a Minor* in the CSUB catalog such as History:

History 202 - Western Civilization I
History 308 - Europe 1815-1914
History 309 - Europe Since 1914
History 310 - Modern France II

* A Special Major in French includes the equivalent of a Minor in a second academic discipline; however, the second field does not appear as a minor on CSUB's diplomas because it is considered part of the Special Major in French.

Study in France

Study oversees programs are also beneficial for all French minors and French majors, and are highly recommended as part of the major.

CSUB has reciprocal agreements with the Université D'Orléans in Orleans France (55 miles south of Paris), and the MICEFA program, which includes studying at Université de Paris IV - Sorbonne among seven other Université de Paris campuses.

CSU-International Programs also offers 2 full-year study overseas programs in French at the Université de Provence in Aix-en-Provence at the Université de Paris in Paris. (See for additional options for study overseas in French speaking countries through the I.S.E.P. program.)