CSUB Language Experience

We are located in DDH E102

Thank you for your interest in the MLL Language Lab Volunteer Program! We are glad that you are here. If you are minoring or majoring in the department of MLL, then you are eligible to participate in this program.

What are the benefits of participating in the program?

  1. Expand your Resume experience
  2. Gain classroom experience teaching other students
  3. Share your knowledge and help your peers grow
  4. Receive a letter of recommendation by the Language Lab Coordinator
  5. Demonstrate to future employers that you are accountable

Please stop by the Language Lab (located in DDH 102E) on any of the following days and times:

  • French Level 1   -  Monday   12:00PM-12:50PM
  • French Level 2   -  Monday     1:00PM - 1:50PM
  • Spanish Level 1 -  Monday     9:00AM - 9:50AM
  • Spanish Level 1 -  Tuesday  11:30AM-12:20PM
  • Spanish Level 2 -  Monday   11:00AM-11:50AM
  • Spanish Level 4 -  Tuesday    1:00PM-  1:50PM

What are you required to do as a MLL Language Lab Volunteer?

  • Assist students in completing communicative activites
  • Speak the target language
  • Focus on helping students improve their overall pronunciation
  • Assist students in expanding their vocabulary base

Thanks again for your interest!!!