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2006-2007 McNair Scholars
Armida Byler

My name is Armida Byler and I am a senior here at California State University Bakersfield. My major is Religious Studies and minor in History. I want to eventually get my Ph.D. in Early Christian Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Currently I am working with my mentor, Tim Vivian, Ph.D. on the sayings of the desert fathers in Coptic as well as readings in the Greek New Testament. These language skills will prove to be very useful in my future studies.

I am married with two awesome boys (Logan and Ollin). When I am not doing school work, I am usually taking walks to the park with my family. I am very excited to be part of the McNair program and look forward to working with people with the same interests as mine.

I may be reached at:
Jonathan Berling

Hello, my name is Jonathan Berling. I'm a Junior at California State University, Bakersfield. My major is Computer Science. My areas of interest are peer to peer networks, multithreaded programming, databases, and programming languages. I'm very excited and grateful to be a part of the McNair program and the opportunities that it offers. I love computers because they're like little experimental laboratories in a box just waiting for you to do something new and exciting with them. Plus, with the internet, those changes can be quickly and easily be disseminated to billions of people scattered in geographically diverse areas around the globe. I get excited just imagining the possibilities.

Recently my wife and I had our first son. This has strengthened my resolve to earn a Ph.D. and to provide a good life for my family. I may be reached at:

Jesus Calderon

My name is Jesus Calderon. My major is in Psychology with a minor in sociology. I am scheduled to graduate with a BA in psychology from CSUB in the spring of 2007 I am a member of Psi-chi The National Honor Society in Psychology. My interests are in experimental psychology more specifically, the branch of behavioral neuroscience. I have had the pleasure to work directly with animals for three quarters while at CSUB. I love the hands-on experience of working with animals. In the summer of 2007 I will work along side Dr. Isabel Sumaya on an animal model of Parkinson's disease. For this project we will be testing various drugs such as melatonin and the effects it has on hypokenesia which is the inability to initiate voluntary movement.

My interests in behavioral neuroscience are on the effects that drugs have on the brain in animal models in such disease states as Parkinson's disease, depression, and the role of neurogenesis.

I have been accepted to the Master of Arts Program in psychology at California State University, Bakersfield which I will start in the fall of 2007. My plan is to earn my Masters degree from CSUB so that I can pursue a Ph.D. For my Ph.D. I plan to apply to various schools in the west coast mainly in the University of California system. I may be reached at:

Amanda Camp
  • Associate in Arts degree in Social Science, from Porterville College.
  • Undergraduate at CSUB with a double major.
    • Major in Anthropology, currently maintaining a GPA of 3.94 within the major
    • Major in Religious Studies, with an emphasis in Eastern Studies, currently maintaining a GPA of 4.00
  • Member of the National Anthropology Honor Society; Lambda Alpha, Rho chapter.
  • Member of National College Honor Scholarship Society; Alpha Chi.
  • McNair Scholar: Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program
  • Awarded the Dean’s List numerous times throughout college experience.
  • Studied abroad on Semester At Sea, formerly through the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Awarded Semester At Sea scholarship of $5,000.
  • Employee of the Center for Archaeological Research at CSUB as an Archaeological Technician I, with a completion of laboratory training and recent osteological experience.
  • Participated in the excavation of a WWII aircraft crash site with the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Commission, with an emphasis on the recovery of human remains.
Jonathan DeWitt Hello, my name is Jon, or Jonathan Michael DeWitt. My major is English and minors include Communications, Philosophy, and Art. I plan on attending UC Berkeley for my Ph. D. in English Criticism and Theory. Currently, I am working on a short story and autobiography (both illustrated) about undergraduate life for a two part hand-book. As it is a work-in-progress, the second part tentatively consists of English criticism, theory, and grammar as well as Communication theory to establish an interpretive approach to rhetoric. Other interests include my paper-straw woven hat, large German coat, and fish-tailed skate board commonly seen illegally flying through the halls of CSUB late at night. I am excited to begin my research and am equally honored to be part of the McNair program. I look forward and am ready to work with the director and my mentor in accomplishing something grand.
Amy Grundvig My name is Amy Grundvig. I am majoring in Psychology with an emphasis in Social-Cognitive and minoring in Biology. I am currently scheduled to graduate with my B.A. in June of 2007. I am currently the vice president of Psi Chi: The National Honor Society in Psychology. for My past research has looked at prejudice towards homosexual males and currently I am working on a project that looks at attitudes as well as intended behaviors of prejudice and discrimination toward women who work (especially those who do well). I have been working on both projects with my mentor faculty Dr. Anne Duran. I presented my previous research at the Psi Chi Research Conference last year as well as at the Western Psychological Association's Conference last spring.

My passion is to understand what motivates people to show such hate toward different groups. My future research will stay in this same direction with changes in the target groups until, hopefully someday, the research is no longer needed because the group is no longer a target of prejudice or discrimination.

I plan to pursue my Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology with a focus on social aspects and phenomena. I plan to first earn my MA from California State University, Bakersfield before moving on to a Ph.D. program. For my finishing degree I plan to apply to UCLA, University of Oregon, and a variety of other programs in the western hemisphere.

I can be reached at:
Darci Heikkinen Senior, CSUB
Anthropology (major) - Bioarchaeology emphasis
History (minor) - Medieval and Early Modern Europe emphasis Research Interests: I am interested in medieval burials and skeletal materials, specifically, the information that can be determined from them, including social class, general health and nutrition, and differential treatments based on gender. The projects available to me at CSUB include analysis of skeletal remains, statistical analysis of multiple burials as they relate to each other, paleofeces studies, and forensics of local cold cases. These studies will increase my knowledge of human remains in their various forms.

Exp Grad Date: 6-2007 Grad School: I plan on attending CSUB for my Masters in Anthropology and History.

Honors: Graduated magna cum laude from BC in 2004.
Dean's List: 4 consecutive semesters at BC (8/02-6/04)
Dean's List: 3 consecutive quarters at CSUB (9/05-6/06) Anthropology Club at CSUB: 2005-2006
Current president, Anthropology Club (2006)
Lambda Alpha, National Honors Society for Anthropology Research Assistant, Institute for Social and Community Research @ CSUB (employer)
Other information: Returning student to college after 15 years in the work force. I plan on pursuing a doctoral degree in either anthropology or medieval studies.
Chad Willis Born and Raised in Porterville California
Honor Student at Monache High School
Received 2 Scholarships for scoring in the Top 5% on high school standardized tests two years in a row

  • Received High Honors on Golden State Exam for Chemistry
  • Transfer student from Porterville College
  • Member and President of the National Anthropology Honor Society; Lambda Alpha, Rho chapter
  • Member of National College Honor Scholarship Society; Alpha Chi
  • McNair Scholar: Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program
  • Awarded the Dean’s List numerous times throughout college experience
  • Studied abroad on Semester At Sea Fall 2004, formerly through the University of Pittsburgh
  • Awarded Semester At Sea scholarship of $5,000
  • Employee of the Center for Archaeological Research at CSUB as an Archaeological Technician II
  • Academic focus on Archaeology and Bioarchaeology
  •   Former Scholars